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22 Oct 2020 at 10:37 PM
3 Sep 2006
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West Mids
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from West Mids

I don't check my email or profile or get notified. If you email me, please PM me on here to tell me to check my emails. Thanks. 15 Dec 2019

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22 Oct 2020 at 10:37 PM
    1. fountain
      pls i am buying a house at wedgewood road in quintin area, pls does any one know if their is sulphate attack in this area. thank
    2. Peters1
      Hi, sorry about that ive now made it shorter, im totally new to this, any help will be appreciated.

    3. ^woody^
      Email or IM ..... woodstar@outlook.com
    4. Kavs3759
      Hi Woody,
      I was interested to read your comments about Facia boards not sweating when covered by plastic facia (answer to Vexille 30.05.12.) I am having the outside of my house decorated, my existing wooden boards are in good condition and it seems unecessary to rip them out. However it would make sense to cover in plastic to save having to repaint in the future. In short my question is providing the existing wooden boards are sound there is no harm in fixing PVCu boards over them ?
      Thank you in advance for your advice
      Kind regards
    5. y922ktf
      Hi hubby is a structural technician as far as i know he did not check for clay blocks etc as he was only put in charge of calcs planning etc some of the blame lies with his associate i only found this out this morning . We just need to speak to someone who has experience of dealing with this thanks
    6. ^woody^
      ******** Sorry, I don't read these comments often **********

      I am trialling instant messaging for a while, and can be contacted on diy-me@hotmail.co.uk
    7. GreggT
      Hi Woody I hope you dont mind me messaging you, you seem to know what you are talking about and I was wondering if I could ask for some advice on my planning permission for a conservatory and neighbours who are being very awkward?
    8. ptarmigan
      Thanks for the advice,will get a couple of quotes
    9. rgibson63
      Hi Woody, what I meant was that if she wanted a letter or something that she could show her neighbour I could do that. Not free, but covered by my PI. I am happy to discuss matters generally on thr open forum though. Cheers, Bob
    10. Higggo
      Hi Woody, I spotted a post you left regards joist hangers (drilling out mortar slotting in and pointing up). Probably a silly question but do they need bolting to the wall also? I can't see how they'd move with the joist butted right up to them but wanted to check!
      Hope you don't mind me messaging you matey but I've searched everywhere for advise and couldn't get any more info on them.
    11. 14hd
      Hi Woody,
      The body of the text regarding our shed roof shape is as follows:
      "I would therefore request that you make arrangements for the roof element of this development to be altered so that it fully complies with the requirements of class E.1(d)(i) in that the development has a dual-pitched roof." The document that it refers to is the general permitted development order 1995 as amended in October last year.
      I hope that this explains our problem further. They do not have an issue with it being a Gambrel roof only that it is not dual pitched. Please look up Gambrel Roof on google as this is the shape of our roof and also if you look up dual pitched roof on google it states a Gambrel roof as an example.

    12. windowszhang
      hi, this is windowszhang,from china. nice to meet you
    13. flip690
      wot other details do u need
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