1. R

    Access to next door gas meter

    Recently moved. We are a detached house and have a side passage back to the previously built extension to the boundary. There was a free standing polycarbonate roof over this passage but no side wall/fence. Due to this you can just step around our gate and access the space, so it is totally un...
  2. D

    Accessing window above front door for painting

    Upstairs window frames really need painting. Will require sanding and putting on a few coats. I haven't painted upstairs windows before (DIYer) and get the impression hiring a scaffold tower is the best way to go. However, I can see two problems: 1) How do those with semi-detached/terraced...
  3. Oliver Dawson

    how to do Exterior Painting

    Hi I've recently started a handyman business.. I have good experience of internal decorating and painting external doors but I've never done a full house before. I've been asked to quote for for a full house upstairs bedroom windows soffits fascias downstairs windows, door, porch etc. My...
  4. D

    Does scaffolding tower have to be flush to the wall?

    Upstairs window frames really need painting. Haven't done it before, but hiring a scaffold tower seems to be a reasonable compromise between cost and safety. E.g. However, the problem is one of the upstairs windows is directly above the front door, which...
  5. C

    Neighbours being unreasonable?

    Hello! I own a house that is end of terrace (but not end of the street) with an alley between myself and the next house, my neighbour. I've double checked land registry and the line of ownership shows approx 1/2 of the alley. The neighbour has referred to it as a shared alley; it's not as I own...
  6. T

    Rodding access for soil pipe in eaves

    I am installing a new bathroom which will have a 5.5m run of soil pipe from the toilet to the stack. I am planning to turn the pipe 45 degrees immediately after the toilet, then a first run of 1m, followed by another 45 degrees, then the remaining 4.5m to the stack. This will all be with...
  7. D

    Chocbox - do I need to provide access?

    When extending cables in the ceiling, with a connector block inside a chocbox, do I have to leave access to this new junction? Thank you Dain
  8. N

    Overhang of eaves - deed of easement?

    Hoping someone can help as struggling to find anything online. We are getting an extension and a small part of the roof will overhang the side of our neighbours garage. (They have wasted space at the side that is not big enough to access) The neighbours are fine with this and also fine to allow...
  9. O

    Advice on concealed cistern installation

    Hi, I am having a new bathroom installed and would like to save space (and avoid building a box) by using one of these: The WC will be wall-hung and according to the product spec, only 9cm is needed...
  10. A

    Easy access flooring

    Does anyone have any good ideas for 1st floor flooring that is relatively easy to lift and get access to the voids between the joists? I originally considered just getting new, screwed-down floorboards (existing boards are sound enough but quite rough and knackered visually) that I would then...
  11. M

    Outside Gate - Locking from outside only, combination lock

    Hi All Wondering if anyone has a nifty solution for the above. It's the only entry point to the back garden. Two situations I want to cover: 1) convenience - it's the main exit route from house to car with armfuls of babies and supplies, a thumb turn would be fine but don't want to fart about...
  12. H

    Gutter leak above orangery

    Hi, We have a leak coming from the gutter above our orangery. From up close it appears that the gutter has a 1 inch gap and our side has also dropped about 1 inch. The gutter then leaks onto the orangery roof which is a pain as I also work in here ... The leak part can be reached from our...