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25 Jul 2022
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United Kingdom
Recently moved. We are a detached house and have a side passage back to the previously built extension to the boundary.
There was a free standing polycarbonate roof over this passage but no side wall/fence. Due to this you can just step around our gate and access the space, so it is totally un secure. The roof is also in need of increased support.
There have been increased thefts and ppl seen on cctv cameras going down side passage on our road.
We want to enclose the space for security, weather proofing and to sure up the roof.
Our neighbours gas meter is in their side passage. They won’t be able to fully open their gas meter door though if we close off the space as it swings over the boundary to fully open. I have already fitted supports to hold the roof up. Can I proceed to build this fence within our property boundary and whose responsibility is it re gas meter access that is not on my property.
To note the neighbours property is in a state significant disrepair.
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Perhaps enclose it in but make a removable panel so that the meter can be accessed by arrangement?

That side door will also be a bit useless, are you sure that the whole of the area you seem to have is all yours?
Thanks, had thought about a panel but annoying to have to make. Seems annoying as it’s not even up to our boundary.
The area is all ours. See boundary the other way
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Will make sure it can be reached.
Just am frustrated it influences what I construct completely on my property.
Is there a wayleave or anything on the deeds regarding access?

That looks like a retro-fit box, and it should not have been fitted there. No gas installation should require access via another property for service or checking.

You could require the neighbours to move the meter, more specifically the supply company as they own it if there is no agreed access.

Whilst in general you can do what you like on your land and can fence or wall around the boundary, you may conflict with the gas installation regulations. Whilst your right to do as you please on your own land takes preference, blocking access to a gas installation for servicing may itself be deemed unlawful. However if you pursued forcing the meter to be relocated, you would be successful.

Otherwise you should allow access, or the meter and pipe be accessible - and the access should be open or a key provided if you secure the passageway.
Is it your land ? Was the wall marked in red built as part of an unchallenged encroachment onto the neighbour's property.

There appears to be a closed off door way that would suggest that at some time in the past the neighbour had right of access on foot to the area of land where the low wall has been built.
We are a detached house and have a side passage back to the previously built extension to the boundary.

All looks a bit dodgy to me - you could be creating a headache by blocking access to the gas meter.

You state your extension was built TO the boundary, this would make the low wall actually positioned on your neighbours land (see your first picture).

This appears to be backed up by the concrete join in your third picture, where the join may show your original driveway width.

Also as others have mentioned other pictures appear to show your neighbour certainly had more of the land in the past to facilitate access to the side of their house, side door and gas meter.
Clear to me this is shared access and a previous owner has build the hard standing and low wall over their half. Not unusual for a shared access to be owned 1/2 and 1/2, but there'd be restrictions in the deeds saying 'you own 1/2 but can't do anything to restrict the neibours access'. The bell push on the door and the gas meter confirm that?

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