1. B

    Party fences

    Hi all, I share a boundary fence on my front drive with a neighbour, the fence was built by the previous owner of my property and I’ve been maintaining it but it has rotted beyond repair. I intend to replace it at my own expense as I know my neighbour will not contribute anything towards it ...
  2. B

    Fence height over 2m - potential options

    Hi all, I’m in a bit of a pickle with the council as I’ve had a planning enforcement letter come through about a raised deck I had installed a few years ago. I believe the deck structure itself would get a permitted development certificate due to the fact that it’s on a slope and at the grounds...
  3. R

    How to fix these gravel boards?

    my fence is on top of a sleeper retaining wall and the sleepers aren’t even heights. The gravel boards havent been fitted right and they’ve gradually got crushed and popped out from under the fence, which is distorting the fence in places. What will happen if I remove them? Not sure if theyre...
  4. B

    Spray painting new feather edge fence boards

    Hi.... I have just built a short length of new fencing to my boundary and want to paint the face that will be on the neighbours side. I would like to paint it so that it looks decent from their side. There is nobody living there at the moment as it was rented out but the house is now being...
  5. E

    Outdoor Fixing for Green Oak

    Hi, I've bought some Eurpoean green oak timber and am now thinking about the best way to fix the crossbeams (2) to the 150 x 150mm posts (1). The decorative rafters (3) on top will also need fixing. I know normal screws/bolts will rust so I should use stainless steel. Given the assembly I...
  6. C

    Adding height to an existing garden fence

    Hi, I have moved into a new build property and the existing fence isn't that high and its style does not give much privacy. The image below shows the fence style/height. I was just going to purchase longer planks and just screw them onto the fence, similar to my badly drawn shapes as...
  7. bettz1

    Best way to attach trellis to existing fence

    Hi I'm looking for the best way to attach trellis to the existing fence. I've done a little search but most vids just show what to do with the fence posts being higher.
  8. M

    Advice for a total novice please. What would you recommend for a hedge over this wall?

    We bought this house last year, there's this planter over the wall between us and the neighbours. Previously they kept wildflowers etc but as you can see it's been neglected. All we want is something for a little privacy for our outdoor space (once it's finished) to chill with a beer on a...
  9. tractor-pete

    Concrete in posts for wooden gazebo

    I'm going to build a triangular 3.5m x 3.5m gazebo with pressure treated 100x100 fence posts. I've considering concreting the posts directly into the ground, but the way I've designed it I will need to construct the frame before fixing it into the ground. Therefore I'm looking at some supports...
  10. M

    Closeboard/Feather Edge Fence Panel Frames - what is it called?

    I bought feather edge fence panels, didn't realise it's contractor's pack, side frames are missing. I'm not sure what is it called. Can anyone let me know what are these side frames called and where can I buy them? Please see attached image. The attached image is not my fence, it's only for...
  11. R

    Access to next door gas meter

    Recently moved. We are a detached house and have a side passage back to the previously built extension to the boundary. There was a free standing polycarbonate roof over this passage but no side wall/fence. Due to this you can just step around our gate and access the space, so it is totally un...
  12. bettz1

    Attaching trellis to existing fence

    Hi we've taken down our shed that was in the corner of our garden and we wanted to add a bit of trellis to the existing fence as there's a car park at the back of us. Any ideas on how we can do this?
  13. S

    Cedar slat fence - nail staining

    Hi there, Hope i've put this in the right category. I've just had some link removed western cedar slats put up in the corner of the garden. They have been nailed to a wooden frame. They have only been up a couple weeks and I have started noticing some black staining coming out of the...
  14. F

    Fixing gravel boards with fence post spikes

    Has anyone got any ideas how I can fix gravel boards to a fence when using fence post spikes. The gravel boards are 15 cm but so are the metal sleeves of the spikes into which the fence posts slot, leaving no bare wood to attach brackets or to drill in to. (n)
  15. S

    Leaning fence panels and concrete posts

    I am installing some new fence panels. The panels go between concrete post. Some of the posts ae leaning. Two reasons for the leaning as far as I can see, 1) foliage from tree etc.. leaning on the panels and posts 2) the back of the garden on the other side of the fence is waste land and the...
  16. S

    Fence post cracking

    I had a fence put in our back garden with a pretty heavy gate, which has most/all of its weight supported by a single fence post. I just noticed the post is starting to split. Is there anything I can do to fix and/or better support this? I'm thinking it's not going to support the gate much...
  17. S

    Back Garden Boudary

    I'm wanting to attach a fence to the wall that divides my and my neighbour's back garden as it is a low wall and I want privacy for my family. Do you know the law? If she says no then can we still do it? I don't know who owns it in the deeds but she is saying that she is the owner. Let me know...
  18. J

    Fixing Hardwood Timber to Flat top Railing

    I'd just like to pick your brains: I've got a flattop railing (attached photo) along a North Facing wall of my house. It provides absolutely no privacy and I can't really see a point to it beyond fall protection. This ordinarily wouldn't be an issue but we have a bay window facing out on to...
  19. S

    Best way to treat wooden shed/gate/fencing?

    Hi all just a quick question for you. I'm a first time homeowner and I've noticed that the wooden items in my garden (fencing, shed, double gates in the driveway) look worn down and in a couple of places have a little bit of light green mossy stuff on. I know none of it has been treated for a...
  20. S

    Advice on 1.8m vs 1.83m (6 foot) wide fence panels

    Hello, I can't find any advice anywhere. I have new 1.8m wide fence panels to put in the back garden. The panels are exactly 1.8 meters wide but the gravel boards are 1.83. should I pack out panels to 1.83 or cut gravel boards down to 1.8? I am using durapost system so could easily cut down the...