24 Mar 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi I've recently started a handyman business.. I have good experience of internal decorating and painting external doors but I've never done a full house before. I've been asked to quote for for a full house upstairs bedroom windows soffits fascias downstairs windows, door, porch etc.

My first question is. One of the windows on the first floor is above the porch and I don't know how to access it. See pic attached. Does anyone have an idea.of doing this without scaffolding?

Question two. Would I be best to hire some access towers for the work (speed up job) or is there a ladder system that would be good enough and if so what would you use?

Thanks Olly


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I think a ladder stay will push the ladder far enough away to clear the porch roof.

BTW I have one above. I do not recommend it. It uses wing nuts, others use a spring and hook. Much faster to attach.

I don't think a tower will help. Not only will it block the entrance, you will be too far away.

Personally, I would go for scaffolding. In London it would cost £250-280 cash for one lift. I can paint off ladders but I can't lift my dust extractor and sander up.

Assuming that you have to do the soffits and facia boards, scaffolding should more than pay for itself. It is also way safer (and you can store some of your tools up there).
i would use a ladder, and tie of the bottom to the angle pieces on the porch.
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Much appreciated. Going to Brandon tool hire tomorrow to check out options
Dont work off a ladder Dont forget you would be working above Gutter level without any safety attachments , your Personal liability insurance could be void .
Liability Insurance deems that a Tradesman has the correct tools and equiptment to carry out a job correctly and is also up to the customer to ensure that the tradesman has and uses the correct equiptment for the intended job .
Hire a first lift Scaffold the customer pays , .The joys of "elf and safety"
Thanks will do

If you fall off a ladder, will the customer pay for your loss of income? Probably not.

Scaffolding will enable you to work faster, thereby saving a few days. If the customer is too stupid (or too tight) to appreciate that then, personally I would not want to work for them. And yes, I appreciate that it is difficult to say no some times.

Sure, you will have people that will undercut you, but do you really want to be known as the guy who cuts (safety) corners? It is a race to the bottom. And a race where none of the participants win.

Sorry, I don't want to sound overly critical BUT please think about how you want to position yourself in the market.

Best of luck in the meantime.

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