exterior painting

  1. aldg3108

    PVC / Timber door canopy painting

    I’m looking to paint our door canopy white. When we got the survey completed it was stated as PVC and timber. However I want to be sure to get the right paint and prepare the surface correctly. Can anyone provide some insight please?
  2. P

    Interior paint on exterior walls

    Hi there I have an outbuilding which I suspect the dud builders had used interior paint on the exterior walls. It’s a double blocked structure with cavity insulation, but I’ve noticed that there has been some damp in the room and humidity is about 77% when I go into the room in the morning...
  3. L

    Paint for Wooden Summerhouse

    Hi, I bought a wooden summerhouse from Dunster House years ago. At the time they provided Sovereign SX70 paint for it. I decided I would aim to repaint every 3 years, and 3 years ago managed to get another pot from them (I couldn't find it cheaper anywhere else). This time they have stopped...
  4. Oliver Dawson

    how to do Exterior Painting

    Hi I've recently started a handyman business.. I have good experience of internal decorating and painting external doors but I've never done a full house before. I've been asked to quote for for a full house upstairs bedroom windows soffits fascias downstairs windows, door, porch etc. My...
  5. A

    Can i use exterior masonry paint indoors?

    I have some dulux exterior weathershield emulsion paint. Can I use this indoors?
  6. Mickey1392

    Crumbling masonry exterior wall help

    Hey guys, So I want to paint the bay window area at the front of my terrace red brick house. It's got a masonry render on top and was painted by previous owners. However there is so much bubbling and a lot of loose rubble underneath. Quite a few parts of the wall feel soft and if you break the...
  7. W

    Exterior paint

    Hi Can anyone recommend a black exterior waterproof paint for brickwork? Its not to make the entire house black, just for the bottom few courses Thanks
  8. J

    Painting fresh sand cement pebble dash wall & Existing painted pebble shad help

    Got loft conversion with hip to gable wall freshly done and finished with sand cement pebbledash. What would be the right procedure to start painting it? what about the first coat and then second third etc. I also have the wall below still in pebbledash already painted few time from the...
  9. J

    Removing waterproof paint from fence

    Hi, Looking for a bit of advice about removing paint from a fence. The previous owners of our property painted both fence in Homebase Home of Colour Wild Willow paint. It is a waterbased, water proof paint with a waxy finish. I want to remove the paint as we don't like the colour but I am at...
  10. C

    Exterior wall preparation and painting

    I (like many others during lockdown :)) have been undertaking various DIY projects that otherwise would have probably been left undone for another year. One of these is painting exterior wall(s) of house. The attached pictures show the current state of these.... The paint prior to scraping...
  11. D

    Painting exterior wood

    Hello, I am renovating an old T&G outhouse door and replacing the door frame. I have stripped the door back to bare wood. The frame will need to be replaced and I plan to use standard softwood and paint the end grain with preserver. The requirement is a white frame and coloured door with a...
  12. A

    Zinnser Allcoat vs Sikkens Filter Plus on exterior timber windows?

    Which would be the better and long lasting application, zinnser allcoat or sikkens filter plus on exterior timber windows/doors to protect wood from rain and rot and repeat maintenance?
  13. A

    Sikkens or Dulux WeatherShield for Exterior Timber Window Frames and Doors

    Hi, I have some timber window frames on my house. To the front of the property the windows look like they are hardwood and currently have a Ronseal exterior woodstain on them. To the rear of the property the frames appear to have a painted gloss finish (not sure if the frames are hardwood or...
  14. V

    Dulux Weathershield Exterior Satin Pros and Cons?

    Hello I am considering painting my two garage doors, one metal and one wood, with Dulux Weathershield Exterior Satin and wondered if anyone having used this paint before could offer some advice on any possible pros and cons? From what I have seen already it seems very easy to apply, covers...
  15. A

    How to clean and maintain or seal treated timber used for fence

    Hi, I have some treated timber for a picket fence to use for the rails and a bumch of salvaged roofing battens for the pales. The battens are very dirty full or grime and I wanted to know how I can clean them before I apply some kind of seal on them. They appear to be the splintered type so...
  16. A

    Type of paint for exterior timber windows and door

    I have some timber windows and doors to paint but I'm a bit confused between wood treatment, wood stains and wood paint. Some of the windows already appear to have some type of a dark oak gloss paint which is peeling away in certain areas. Others look like they have just a stain. I'm I ok to...
  17. M

    Painting new render

    Hi - I've had my house re-rendered and I need to paint it. Any advice on the best approach and paint to use would be much appreciated. I'm thinking about using Johnstone's Stormshield Pliolite and watering the first coat down with some white spirit - assuming maybe 20% WS and 80% paint. Would...
  18. DMA

    Painting roof fascia boards and soffits -Access equipment? £Quote?

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone with experience can help me? I started painting and decorating after doing some training and recently someone asked me about painting exterior fascia boards, soffits and upstairs exterior side of the windows etc. I'm not sure what to charge here in the...