1. C

    Upper gable gutter discharge onto roof not lower gutter

    Hi, I've had all the gutters and downpipes to the main house replaced - previously plastic/cast iron mix. The new gutters are 5" seamless aluminium in a Victorian style and downpipes 68mm cast aluminium. The upper part of the side gable was previously a rotten wooden gutter with fall to the...
  2. DanRobertsB

    Windows and sliding doors: Velfac vs uPVC vs aluminium

    Hi, I'm after some replacement casement windows and sliding patio doors in a timber frame/wood clad house. White inside, rosewood (or similar RAL colour) outside. Any thoughts on what material is best, and why? Seems to be a fair it of conflicting advice (much of it from interested parties!)...
  3. B

    Dry ridge roof system- foil roll tape lifted up

    Hi, our house built 8 years ago has dry ridge roof system and the metal foil tape/aluminium flashing has lifted up. The tiles are still in place. Asked the builder and they said it’s out of warranty, asked NhBc and they said if it’s not leaking they don’t want to know. Not sure if it is a...
  4. J

    Repair aluminium recoil pull start without welding - Help

    Apologize if this is not related to car repair but still about mechanical equipment and maybe someone could help me. I have picked up from a friend an old Sthil petrol cutter which had all the nuts holding the recoil pull start completely locked. Look like they attempted to unscrew and with...
  5. B

    UPVC French Door Frame Material Inconsistency

    Hi. Can anyone advise as to what is going on in this picture?! I am having a garage conversion done and the white UPVC French Doors have a metal (aluminium?) bottom rail/frame which doesn’t match the rest of the installation. Before I get fobbed off by the manufacturer and/or builder, I am...
  6. iScottybotty

    What would you call this metal track?

    I need a longer length of the track in the picture, but I have no idea what’s it’s called in the trade nor what to search for. could anyone advise of it’s name, where I might be able to get some? It’s for a bike carrier, my MTB is XL and is a bit dodgy during travel. Thanks.
  7. A

    How do I adjust this old aluminium framed door (Everest, double glazed, solid hinges)?

    I have an existing door between my living room and conservatory that has dropped and needs adjustment, the bolt part of the locking mechanism no longer fits in the receiving part. Photos The hinges are solid (not flag hinges) and the fixing holes in the hinge and frame are not slotted...
  8. M

    Aluminium flush casement windows, recommendations

    Has anyone got any recommendations for flush casement type windows, preferably in aluminium or wood clad alu. Trying to get a match to a sliding door that is aluminium. I've had a quick look at warmcore and kloeber, someone has mentioned alitherm, but it's not a brand I recognise. Also what's...
  9. F

    Aluminium window - small gap between window and frame

    One of my windows has a small 2mm gap between the window and the frame: The window opens OK, and the hinges seem to be fine. But the gap is enough to let a small breeze through. I'd like to get it repaired, but have a feeling it's going to be difficult finding a company or joiner to do the...
  10. O

    Very difficult to find an Origin window installer in London?!

    Hi, I am getting my bathroom redone, and in the process have decided to replace the timber sash window with an aluminium one. I've received a quote from a company that deals with Origin windows, but rather late in the process they backed out and said they will do supply only. The price they...
  11. N

    Gluing circular saw aluminium casing

    Hello, I have a Hitachi C9U circular saw which I dismantled for another (now abandoned) project but in the process I had to saw off part of the aluminium case. The attached pic shows the approximate line of the cut in red. The casing is aluminium and the gap left by sawing is probably <...
  12. M

    Aluminium window fitting - is this acceptable? what meets regs?

    Hi, we've just had 4 large, expensive (3K each) sliding aluminium windows fitted. There are snags and the MD of the company is going to visit to look at them. Can anyone advise on what I should expect him to do to make it good? Here are some of the issues: (The "windows" are all, in fact...
  13. C

    Finishing the end of a conservatory

    The outside of my unusual conservatory needs finishing. Above the doors is a 152 mm steel beam (approx. 4.3 m), which has the grey factory coating. On top of the steel are aluminium window frames - with no sill - in RAL 7016. They are only a few mm behind the front of the flange of the steel...
  14. eveares

    TLC's UTP CAT5e cable is Copper Clad Aluminium!?

    According to this page and TLC's printed brochure, the 50M and 100M cuts of the internal UTP CAT5e cable are CCA over 0.5mm Aluminium and are not pure copper. Despite reading online that CCA CAT5e cable is non compliment, I can't find anything in the TIA-EIA-568-B.2 standard what says solid...
  15. RichardW77

    Aluminium external door does not close easily

    Hi, I have an aluminum external door installed, and for some reason it doesn't seem to easily close anymore - it needs a really strong push to get the door past the felts on the frame. Once it gets past this, it does shut properly, and can be locked ok. I'm assuming there is something I can...
  16. S

    Replacing sealed units in aluminium sashes with rubber seals

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to get some advise on how to replace the sealed units in my double glazed aluminium vertically sliding sash windows. I've already bought the new spiral hangers, so I will be taking the sashes out to change them and was hoping to change out the broken sealed units too...