bathroom electric circuit

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    Does this require notification and/or a professional ? (Scotland)

    I'm a competent DIYer about to replace a bathroom including toilet, basin, bath with shower (not electric), as well as remove and replace tiling. It's a first floor flat with another flat above and below and in Scotland. I'm used to DIY in our detached house but this is a relative's flat and...
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    Bathroom Refurb

    hi all, So, I’m looking to do a bathroom refurb, new bath sink etc. Already in there is a 700 x 700 shower with a door frame, one side is the main bathroom wall and the other is a tiled stud wall. My plan is to take the stud wall and shower tray out, and the door & frame. The current bath is...
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    Cheapest way to fit in a new bathroom suite and tiling

    Hi Guys, I am in the process of fully refurbishing my upstairs bathroom, with a new suite. All of which shall be put into the same place due to the space restriction. Below is my current bathroom & floor plan which you can tell is a small bathroom. I would like the new bath, basin cabinet &...
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    Wiring bathroom extractor fan

    Hello all, new to the forum and looking for advice on installation of new bathroom extractor fan if anyone can help. I have replaced a very old manrose extractor fan with a new manrose 100mm mixed flow in line duct fan located in the loft. Problem is in the wiring connections, the old fan had...
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    Whirlpool bath installation

    I am installing a whirlpool bath. The instructions mention fitting a RCD. I plan to spur off the upstairs ring main with a 13amp dp fused spur as I already have a RCD on my sockets in my consumer unit in the garage. Do I need to fit another RCD on the Spur? Thankyou in advance.
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    6mm² Cable to 6amp MCB and 1mm² cable..? :D

    Hello, doing some DIY electrics and quite capable but can't seem to find an answer on this point..I want to connect an LED cabinet light in the bathroom (Correct zone and perc rated etc..) There was previously an electric shower, now replaced with a hot water system unit, so there is an...