Cheapest way to fit in a new bathroom suite and tiling

21 Jan 2017
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Hi Guys,

I am in the process of fully refurbishing my upstairs bathroom, with a new suite. All of which shall be put into the same place due to the space restriction. Below is my current bathroom & floor plan which you can tell is a small bathroom.

I would like the new bath, basin cabinet & toilet to be in the same place and for new controls to be installed as a concealed thermostatics on the wall and for the new bath to have an overflow bath filler, as opposed to taps. And above the bath on the wall to have a concealed shower head.

Ideally, new pipes would have to be run up the wall for the concealed kit (Thermostats & shower head), additionally to the bathroom overflow filler. Though everything else should be easily attached without any major pipework changes.

Ultimately I just want to get the bathroom suite done in the cheapest efficient/effective way possibly professionally. Sadly I have had 4 bathroom fitters in and all have quoted me above £3000 - £4500 just for labour fitting the suite in and tiling the walls and floors. Disposal of the old bathroom would go in my skip which is on my driveway.

On reviewing my pictures and dimensions below, how much do you guys think I should be paying? bearing in that this is for labour only not for the bathroom suite or fittings etc.. I will be supplying these.

I was thinking just calling a plumber in to put the new bathroom, toilet, basin cabinet and thermostatic valve. Then have a tiler to do the flooring, walls and electrician etc..basically guys from different trades to carry out the works individually.

I have carried out this rule of thumb through my home reno and have found it cheaper as opposed to having one person carry out a job. Sadly bathroom fitters, in my opinion, are too pricey.

I am now thinking of just hiring individual people and carrying out the bathroom refurb in the following order below.

1)Remove bathroom suite Dispose of - in skip. (plumber)
2)Remove tiles (I will do this or a tiler)
3)Replace window in external wall (joiner who I know)
4)install ventilation (electrician who I can bring in)
5)plaster everything (plasterer)
6)install new suite & thermostatic kit (plumber)
7)Tile (I'm a tiler and can do this)
8)install lights (electrician who I can bring in)

Is this order correct and your thoughts, please? thanks to all in advance.

below are the photos, the red circle on the second photo is a guide as to where I would like my concealed thermostatic placement and overhead shower head, I may need a slight extra partition in order to centre this nicely on the left side of the window. This shall be done when i order the new window which will then be smaller and fitted.










thank you all in advance.
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The problem with getting someone different to do each part is if one part takes longer for any unforeseen circumstances you risk paying someone for nothing.

What I mean by this is if you get worker A do to a job and should be finished in 2 days when Worker B turns up if they take 3 days Worker B can't start work but you will have to pay him anyway. The only way around this is very slow by getting one bit done then booking someone else and then wait till done then next etc etc.

I just had a new bathroom done complete rip out and fit the total price was just under 4k. I provided everything and had 1 person do all the work. The quotes previous to this was 6-7k from other companies and people.
Depending on access from above, you may want to fit (or at least chase and wire) your lights before you plaster?

I'm also wondering why if you are a tiler, you can't remove the old tiles yourself? This could be a day or more work for a job you could do yourself in a few evenings.

Another way to reduce costs would be to remove the suite yourself. I have just done something similar myself with no plumbing experience. There are plenty of guides on youtube on how to do each task. A brief overview of steps i undertook for each is...

Sink / bath :
1. Turn of the feed to the hot and cold water to the taps. If you have a water tank in the loft make sure this is off too.
2. Run the taps to check and empty anything left in the pipes
3. cut through the silicone bead
4. under the tap connectors with an adjustable spanner and some vice grips
5. undo the waste pipe from the plug hole
6. if removing a sink, undo the 2 screws holding the stand to the floor, and the two holding the actual sink to the wall. lift the sink, being careful not to knock the stand over. Looks like you plan on removing the tiles so if the sink is still stuck, dont be afraid to take some tiles with you. Once free, move the stand. if removing a bath, ensure it is not screwed down and pull out.

Toilet :
1. Turn off water feed
2. flush toilet
3. lift the top off and scoop out as much water from cistern as you can
4. Get the rest out with an old towel, ringing it out into the sink / bath / bucket untill you cant get any more
5. do the same in the pan
6. undo the two screws at the back top of the cistern that go into the wall
7. undo the two thumb screws holding the cistern to the pan - mine were rusty and required a hacksaw (hopefully yours dont)
8. undo the overflow if there is one
9. lift the cistern from the pan and dispose
10. undo the screws holdin the pan to the floor
11. pull the pan away from the soil pipe. quickly cover to stop smells.

Now all you need is one days plastering, one days plumber to re-fit (unless you want a go at reversing the above with the new suite?)and an electrician. That's not going to cost £3k!

Good luck. If i can do it, so can you.

EDIT: and the window replacement...
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Let us know how yo get on!

Im just waiting for the plaster to dry before stage two. fingers crossed for us both

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