1. R

    Reasonable quote for changing a rad?

    Hi all, We've sourced 2 new rads that we'd like installed in place of our 2 existing ones and have been quoted £350 for getting them swapped over, I wanted to get the opinion of any plumbers/people in the trade to understand if this was in the right ballpark as it sounded a little steep but...
  2. S

    Pressure release inside boiler

    Just added some rads to the system and when I went out to check the external boiler it was sitting in a puddle of water. I realized we must have over-pressurized the system. However when I look inside and the plumber has installed the pressure release pipe inside the boiler. As such when the...
  3. W

    Combi or not?

    Hi Can people please offer some advice on the following choice? We are in the process of fixing our old central heating system which is open vented and has almost no hot water pressure upstairs (cylinder and boiler downstairs). Our plumber suggests sealing the system and installing a mega flow...
  4. rayleigh20

    Moving a radiator

    Hi. In the process of changing bedroom around and want to move radiator from bottom of bed to outside wall, either in corner or under the window. Can the feed pipes go along the top of the skirting board rather than having to take the carpet and floorboards up. Is that ok as a permanent...
  5. N

    Running Nest Wires

    Hi Folks, I can’t see that anyone has answered this anywhere else… Plumbers are coming next week to fit new boiler and nest thermostats, Replacing a pair of oldish wireless ones. I have asked for the the thermostats to be wired in rather than wireless, which they are happy to do as long as...
  6. J

    Feeding dishwasher from tap outlet kitchen. Help

    Hi Everyone We had a bit of change on the original plan and haven`t had dedicate tap for the dishwasher. I`m planning to get feeding after the isolation valve under the sink but struggling to find the right vale and connector to make it work. Idea is to keep the isolation valve for the tap in...
  7. C

    Plumber tells me diverter valve needs changing? Weird humming from boiler when rads turned down

    Hi all, Been having a strange whining/humming noise coming from my boiler. (Combi boiler - Ferroli i25). When the system is on and all radiators are on full heat it works perfectly, however when one is turned down the boiler makes a fairly loud vibrating/whining/straining noise, and when that...
  8. A

    Damp or burst pipe???

    We had this downstairs toilet room fitted 4 years ago. No problems until now, and no other damp anywhere, just this patch that’s between the toilet pipe and the sink unit. Who should I call? Damp specialists want a lot of money for a full survey, so should I call a plumber first? my guess is...
  9. P

    Cannot open the tap head top cap

    Hi, I have an old tap on the bath. Please see the attached image. Recently the water pressure is very low and flow is very slow. I cleaned the aerator. It is clean. The next step is to check the washer in the cartridge. But, I cannot open the top cap of the tap. How do I remove the tap cap...
  10. 7

    Please help! Reaching out to all plumbers..

    Hello, Firstly, if you’ve come this far, thank you! Today my family and I woke up to a few rather large wet patches in the ceiling of our kitchen and living room (both dripping slowly in to the rooms). I traced the leak up a floor in to our airing cupboard which has the boiler in. In here I...
  11. R

    Working with galvanized steel pipe (Water)

    Is this a specialist job ? I just need a piece cut (so it will not protrude above some floorboards) and then joined back into the copper pipe. We had a plumber out today who said he couldn't do it because he didn't have the correct tools. Just wondering if i'm going to get major issues tracking...
  12. M

    Wet Room Renovation (Walls Boarding & Concrete Bench Placement)

    Hi, Guys would like your advice and opinions please concerning my wetroom renovations. I have stripped the walls back to bare brick and removed the previous concrete screed. Sadly, the previous screen was done by someone who didn't slope it correctly allowing water to flow out of the wetroom...
  13. B

    Thread (String?) on end of radiator pipe.

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help with this. I have a radiator pipe that goes into the radiator, but just before that it splits off to a short terminated end that I assume would have been connected elsewhere long ago... this small end of pipe has some straggly 'thread' hanging off it. Perhaps...
  14. J

    Towel rail size . How to get it right before buying

    Got plumber who set up towel rail pipe at 498C/C. How wide need to be my towel rail? Thanks
  15. von555

    Fixing a bathroom tap

    Looking for the easiest way to fix this bath tap. Can't get a plumber for months.
  16. R

    Hanging a heavy radiator?

    Hi, I’ve recently bought a new build house. I’m looking to change a standard double panel 600mm x 600mm radiator to a vertical radiator which is 1800mm x 480 mm. The vertical radiator weighs around 45-50kg before water. I think the current one is probably only 20kg before water. The current...
  17. S

    Bath cold water supply

    Wonder if anyone can help. fitting a new bath. Isolated hot water and cold is not rising main although this is OFF. GATE valve has a label saying that it isolates bath cold water. This is also off Water just keeps coming out. Yesterday it was a eventually down to a slow dribble. I put the...
  18. J

    First Fix plumbing after chipboard installed on loft conversion. Is this the normal?

    My builder wants to install chipboards on the loft conversion to have a solid working platform before plumber first fix. My question is how the plumber will be able to run the pipe through the joist without removing the chipboard? Does not sound ideal for me as the plumber will need to bring...
  19. M

    Plumber fraud - seeking help

    Dear All, I put ad on RatedPeople to renovate my old en-suite + new toilet/shower in Outbuilding. This tradesman came on 12th July and gave quotation + 5* ratings + reviews + previous work photos. I was impressed and he pushed that he can start now only because he is booked till October fully...
  20. J

    First fix plumbing . Would have you left the pipe coming out the floor

    My plumber has completed first fix and left kitchen and bathroom feeds and drain pipe coming out the flooring. Look weird to me as I would have preferred sticking out from the wall. before bring it down again. I would like to understand if this is common practice or my plumber is really ****...