1. von555

    Fixing a bathroom tap

    Looking for the easiest way to fix this bath tap. Can't get a plumber for months.
  2. R

    Hanging a heavy radiator?

    Hi, I’ve recently bought a new build house. I’m looking to change a standard double panel 600mm x 600mm radiator to a vertical radiator which is 1800mm x 480 mm. The vertical radiator weighs around 45-50kg before water. I think the current one is probably only 20kg before water. The current...
  3. S

    Bath cold water supply

    Wonder if anyone can help. fitting a new bath. Isolated hot water and cold is not rising main although this is OFF. GATE valve has a label saying that it isolates bath cold water. This is also off Water just keeps coming out. Yesterday it was a eventually down to a slow dribble. I put the...
  4. J

    First Fix plumbing after chipboard installed on loft conversion. Is this the normal?

    My builder wants to install chipboards on the loft conversion to have a solid working platform before plumber first fix. My question is how the plumber will be able to run the pipe through the joist without removing the chipboard? Does not sound ideal for me as the plumber will need to bring...
  5. M

    Plumber fraud - seeking help

    Dear All, I put ad on RatedPeople to renovate my old en-suite + new toilet/shower in Outbuilding. This tradesman came on 12th July and gave quotation + 5* ratings + reviews + previous work photos. I was impressed and he pushed that he can start now only because he is booked till October fully...
  6. J

    First fix plumbing . Would have you left the pipe coming out the floor

    My plumber has completed first fix and left kitchen and bathroom feeds and drain pipe coming out the flooring. Look weird to me as I would have preferred sticking out from the wall. before bring it down again. I would like to understand if this is common practice or my plumber is really ****...
  7. J

    Replacing main water pipe Anglia water. what to use. Help

    Hi Everyone. I made request to Anglia water to replace my lead pipe with a new polyethylene pipe. They sent me instruction on how the pipe should be laid but I`m struggling to source material at moment. I have attached guide for your reference. They suggest a 25mm pipe. Is this good enough...
  8. K

    Mira Mode Digital Shower Not Working - Controller?

    Hugely annoying issue which stops this shower from working and I wonder if anyone can help as I have no bath and no other shower :( There is a dual controller for the ceiling fed or hand held parts of this digital shower which has two buttons on it (to select ceiling or hand shower) and...
  9. R

    Outside Tap - bit more complicated then u will think

    Hi I’m wanting to install an outside tap inside the garage but right and the front. It will take a feed from pipes that are already there coming out of the boiler I have ‘fixing’ (can’t think of the term) already in place which is the water feed for the fridge freezer. Is there any way I can...
  10. yolodanbo

    No cold water to sink and toilet

    Hi there, I’m looking for some advice and posting on behalf of my old man. On Saturday night, we realised that the shower was only giving out hot water. We went into the loft and discovered that loft insulation had fallen into the water tank. We got most of it out, but there was still no cold...
  11. D

    General Builder or Plumber?

    Would appreciate advice from tradesfolk... Should I employ a general builder or a plumber? I want to refurbish a small bathroom. This will involve: Old WC removed and replaced with new Old wash basin removed and replaced with new Not sure about the old cast iron bath - maybe send away for...
  12. W

    Installing Tado / wiring

    Hi, I have brought a Tado smart thermostat and currently attempting to install it. I currently have a Worcester Greenstar i boiler connected to a Honeywell BDR91 which wirelessly links to a Honeywell EHE0200361. (All images attached) I have entered this information into the step by step guide...
  13. M

    Leaking toilet

    Toilet is leaking from this pipe and I’m not really sure how to fix it. Before going to a plumber I thought I’d come here to get any tips on how to fix it. Someone came to put a floor in and he moved the toilet when doing this. But since then the toilet started leaking.
  14. M

    Unblock external gully drain (Possible solution) Opinions and advice please.

    Hi Guys, The outdoor garden drain is blocked quite severely with years of fat, oils, grease build etc.. Most likely from the previous owner of the home, with the addition to my own. The problem started as I noticed my kitchen sink was not allowing water to drain and was coming back up. I...
  15. H

    opened gas pipe by mistake - what action needed?

    I had a dripping water pipe. It was in a cramped space, so I needed to temporarily remove an adjacent pipe to adjust it. The next-door pipe looked exactly the same - however, when I loosened the isolator-valve connector, it was obvious it was a gas pipe, not a water pipe. I quickly tightened...
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    Plumber In Milton Keynes

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  17. M

    Cheapest way to fit in a new bathroom suite and tiling

    Hi Guys, I am in the process of fully refurbishing my upstairs bathroom, with a new suite. All of which shall be put into the same place due to the space restriction. Below is my current bathroom & floor plan which you can tell is a small bathroom. I would like the new bath, basin cabinet &...
  18. A

    Configure Cold Water Supply for Washing Machine

    Hi, I have an Indesit washing machine that only uses cold water feed. It was connected to the cold water mains under the kitchen sink from a a copper T with flex. The kitchen has a concrete floor. I would like to move the machine into a boiler room that separates the kitchen and bathroom...
  19. P

    Thermostat installation - Salus rt500rf with Boiler Ideal Classic rs500

    Hi. I am changing to a wireless thermostat Salus rt500rf and my boiler is the Ideal Classic RS500. I have 6 wires from previous programer (2 x black, 2 x red, 2 x earth). I have tried two wiring ways, but got same result. Trial 1- put the mains live and neutral in the "L" and "N", than a loop...
  20. H

    Water pipe burst

    Hi I've just had a carpet fitter in and they've burst a pipe. They've said the pipes were too close to the surface and it is against building regs. I was wondering if someone could confirm the depth they need to be by building regs and when this came into affect. Thanks in advance.