1. R

    How to tile on brick wall in shower area?

    Hello all, getting round to renovating the bathroom in our 1909 solid wall red brick house (on first floor) - any advice on what should go behind tiles on an internal brick wall in a shower area (and external brick wall not in shower area)? One tradesperson has said sand and cement render and...
  2. L

    Shower leaking in corner

    Hi all So I noticed a leak in my en suite, and upon removing the sink unit that was up against the wall/shower glass (poor design), it uncovered a lot of wet and a mass of absolute bodge by whoever fitted it. The tiles don't meet the floor and there's gaps everywhere, i've cleaned it up but it...
  3. J

    Help with waterproofing tile gaps please!

    Help! How do I rectify this gap under my bathroom sink so it’s waterproof? Jon
  4. PotterD

    Fireplace backer

    For an older Bis woodburning fireplace I have attached 1/4 hardie backer surround. It is loose against the fireplace sheet metal but secured to studs on both sides. While deciding on tiles, a hairline crack developed over the door of the fireplace. I filled with thinset (mapei ultraflex) and...
  5. A

    External wall tiling - verge query

    I’ve had an apex conservatory roof replaced with a flat warm roof. The tile hanging is being replaced. The builder has put a full tile length as the bottom row. My neighbour says this is incorrect, that there should be a row of shorter tiles beneath this and overlapping (from below) the joins...
  6. xyz1221zyx

    Paneling over half tiled bath

    Just starting out on my diy journey so a noob diy-er here. Planning to install solid core wet wall panels/tiles like these because installing shower over bath: They are 38cm L x 65cm W each and tongue and grooved. However the house I purchased has some rows of tiles over bath like thus (and a...
  7. bettz1

    Replacement Tile help

    I don't suppose anyone knows where I can get another pack of these tiles?
  8. Greg_0ry1

    Which manual tile cutter?

    I am planing to tile two bathrooms and possibly a bit later our kitchen. I am wondering what tile cutter is recommended? I am looking at the moment at a Rubi TS-57 Max for £223 and wonder if this is an overkill for three jobs? I like good tools so don’t mind to spend money for the right tool but...
  9. R

    Tile Bar Front to Floor Finish?

    Hi I am building a bar and it will have a tiled finish. The bar will sit on top of a laminate floor. Can somebody suggest how to finish the Tiled bar and the floor where they meet. I know you cant just grout this as the floor movement will crack the grout, how about a silicone sealant or...
  10. stratford_noob

    Unknowingly removed probably asbestos tiles

    So, I've taken out click vinyl flooring that I wanted to replace in my house (from 70s) had bought some time ago. Was just a hall, and because it is part of an extension, most was rough concrete underneath, but also with small bit (roughly 90x180cm) had odd black tiles, that were sometimes...
  11. V

    Quite urgent Roofing help please

    Hi, We had a big storm this week and I ended up with water running down from my bathroom ceiling down my wall. Having checked the tiles it appears that one tile along the edge (verge I believe it correct term) has broken and it's directly above the leak, so quite sure it's the issue. I am...
  12. M

    Slope Mortar bed (Shower pan) wetroom stage. What to do?

    Hi All, I have installed my linear drain, levelled and position it in place with concrete and followed this with levelling compound a couple of weeks after to smooth and level the floor. I am now ready to create my mortar bed slope (Shower pan) from the curb step to the drain however I want...
  13. M

    Backerboard Concrete block bench (Wetroom)

    Hi All, Hope you can help. I am just wondering whether I should backer-board the concrete block bench in my wet room, applying it with a tile adhesive. Or can I tile directly on top of the concrete block work? I worry about moisture or cracks within the concrete block/to tile directly on...
  14. M

    How do you remove this tile?

    Hello, I had an issue with my bathroom below the sink and an engineer removed a tile long time ago. It's empty behind this tile, it's not a wall, just the sink and the pipes. As you can see on the photo, he didn't fix around the tile when he put it back, we can still clearly see the cuts he...
  15. DarrenM1991

    Flashband used instead of replacing defective tiles

    Hi everyone, I would be extremely grateful for some advice regarding a leaking roof. I live on the second floor of an old conversion building (there is a loft conversion flat above me). I had some issues with water leaking into the corners of my bedroom right underneath my bay window ceiling...
  16. I

    Used Redland Cambrian Tiles

    I've constructed a 2.1m x 1.2m kitchen canopy (35 degree pitch) and I'm thinking of roofing it with Redland Cambrian tiles, so estimate about 40 required. If I can't get new ones (I'm told there is a UK tile shortage!) I might have to go for used ones, as there seem to be plenty on Ebay. I'm...
  17. U

    Floor tile orientation question?

    Hi all, My missus likes these tiles and wants to put them down in the kitchen/dining room. They have a white 'vein' that runs through them but it's not uniform. I wondered what advice you would give regarding orientation of these? Are they better all laid the same way next to each other...
  18. D

    Floor tiles 1st?

    Do floor tiles go down before wall tiles go on? Are there skirting tiles? Is there any other type of skirting to tidy up the floor edges/btm of tiling, than standard wood/mdf?
  19. D

    What gap to set between tiles lower edge and bath?

    Am putting a stud/Aquapanel bath alcove in (Aquapanels starting below bath rim, sat on bearers). How far above the bath rim should I set the btm edge of the tiles? Thank you Dain
  20. D

    What finished thickness tile adhesive is usual? Notch size etc

    6.5thk 150x150 (147x147) bathroom wall tiles. Is there a specific size notch trowel for lighter tiles, what thickness finished adhesive thickness would it give? Just trying to get an idea what combined tile+adhesive thickness would be. Thank you