1. D

    Confused with staircase 3 switch circuit

    Hi All, Some weeks ago one of our ceiling lights stopped working. It’s one of those where 3 switches operate it, in our main corridor. With a multimeter I tested the fixture which holds 3 Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs. The bulbs themselves are all fine (tested in a different room)...
  2. Moonhead

    3 pin plug to socket

    I've got a plan to wire a 3 pin plug to a wago box that will then feed 2 single sockets, one on either side of the bed (effectively an extension cable with fixed outlets as far as I'm concerned). I'd like to do this instead of a spur. Any reason not to do this as long as the plug is fused...
  3. G

    I need to turn the electric off at the meter??

    I am having a sub meter installed in a property (to separate out cost of the hallway lighting and a flat). An electrician has been to the property and told me there is no isolation switch after the meter to turn the power off. He said the meter is a liberty 100 and the manufacturer should have a...
  4. ohmagain

    What the heck is this all about?

    Found these four units (3 are live). My guess that they may be voltage regulator or some kind of supply regulation!
  5. L

    2 way lighting circuit

    Hi all, Recently moved house and there is a double switch downstairs which controls the upstairs landing and downstairs hall way light but only a single switch upstairs for the landing light. Is it possible to change the upstairs switch to a double switch and have it control the hallway light...
  6. eveares

    Socket tells you if your energy is green - To good to be true?

    See: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/stories-61030903 Any truth behind this, what feels a little to good to be true! Regards: Elliott.
  7. S

    Bosch Oven HBA64B251B trips the electrics out

    Sunday's roast pork dinner was cooking nicely then suddenly BANG all the lights went out. Soon realised the problem was the oven itself. Switched the oven off and reset the mains RCD and all Ok. Then switched the oven back on and it all lights up ok, reset the clock and then turn the dial and...
  8. D

    Electric Gate tripping RCD on close

    Recently started having issues with it tripping the RCD when the gate is closing, only appears to happen when the temperature outside is above 15 degC (never happens on a cold day) I've replaced the RCD with no luck, motor capacitor has been tested and is all gd. Photocells have been inspected...
  9. J

    Electric lawnmower sparks and stop after few second. Motor issue

    Not sure this is right place to ask question. I was given from my neighbour a Bosch rotak 36 which has stopped working. Plugged machine and sparks very bad for few second and then I guess thermal goes in and stops working. I cleaned up commutator making looking like new. Replaced brushes with...
  10. P

    Electrics under/over water pipe?

    Hi, I need to run a power cable from a double socket to spur off a new double socket but there is a water pipe ‘in the way’. Seems a silly question but I can’t think of any other option as the water pipe runs the full horizontal of the wall and the power comes from bottom left corner of the same...
  11. canofcoke

    Solar Panels

    I wanted to find out more information about the possibility of using solar panels in my home in London to reduce energy costs and be more sustainable. I have a garden flat, with a long garden and a garden studio that has a flat roof two areas that solar panels can sit on, one half is about 2.2...
  12. K

    Storage heater bills are incredibly high!

    Hi all, I hope someone can help me with any useful advice which is easy to follow. I live in a one bed flat and use minimal energy (at work, socializing, dining out) I dont leave lights on etc when away. Have no PC equipment etc running. Have all other stuff turned off except fridge, one...
  13. B

    Danfross to Smart Stat

    I have purchased a smart thermostat from Amazon, I currently have a danfross (tp5000 I believe) Im looking for advice on the wiring or if it can/can’t be done.
  14. PBM

    France: Do electric radiators imply certifiable wiring?

    I'm a first-time buyer browsing cheap houses in France. I know that when you buy a house, the electricity has been disconnected, and to reconnect it there needs to be an inspection and certification by CONSUEL. I notice that some houses have electric radiators in every room. Generally, would...
  15. B

    Portable Heater, working, but smelling really bad!

    I bought an electric Homebase 2kW 2000W Convector Heater s/h which works great, but ever since I've had it, it absolutely stinks! fusty, smell, (not so much burning) but an awful smell which can give you a headache after a few minutes, thus defeating the object of having a heater on to keep...
  16. A

    Open plan livingroom - electric radiator

    Just looking for a bit of advice. I just moved into my end terrace, it has an open plan livingroom with an open staircase. I replaced both old storage heaters in the living room and kitchen. The issue is keeping heat in. I have just had the windows/doors replaced and thought this would help. To...
  17. D

    Is this a new circuit?

    Hi folks. Is this a new circuit or merely a redirected one? I need to run a new 6mm T/E cable to install a 7.3kw induction hob in place if current gas hob. Current CU has an existing circuit with 32A breaker that used to go to an electric shower. The shower is long gone. If I "redirected" this...
  18. M

    4.2Kw Oven install

    Hi All, Can someone clear up some confusion for me please? I'd like to install a 4.2 Kw oven and grill. I calculate that this will pull a maximum of 17.5 amps. As I understand it (...and I'm willing to be corrected), 2.5 mm twin and earth is rated at 27 amps in conditions where it is clipped...
  19. Ah24601

    Kitchen grid - 20a switched sockets

    So I’m pretty sure the answer will be NO but here goes! I have a kitchen electrical grid (above counter) that controls all integrated appliances. The integrated appliances all have a sunglasses unstitched socket behind them. I now want to add a boiling water tap under the sink and it...
  20. ohmagain

    Replacing a Howden AA714 Element

    Hi All, Ok so as most of you know by now parts are getting increasingly difficult to get and am in need of two Howden AA714 15" 3kW IMMERSION HEATER 20A @ 72°C – 16A @ 95°C – AA714 (2 1/4″ Thread) elements. The supplier (only one by the looks of things) has a lead time of up to 4 weeks and a...