1. C

    Light fitting help

    Hi So moved into a 1930s house, in the process of doing it up and trying to do as much as possible myself I've got little knowledge in general around DIY hence hitting a snag and wanting some guidance please see photos So from research I can see is that old electrics seem to only have the...
  2. SS-ProjectBuild

    Help with lintel size

    Hi Guys, going to be building up to DPC for my project this week. There will be 2 bridges for water and electric supplies to run under the blocks... what size/rating lintel will i need (assumng i need 4 lintels also)? Thanks
  3. SS-ProjectBuild

    SWA entering new outbuilding...conduit?

    Hi Guys, Im just running my utilites to my new outbuilding (still waiting to be built up to DPC). I had to run utiities first due to access etc. Is it ok if i run the swa beneath the dpc with a lintel and up through the concrete floor once its poured etc? DO i use a hockey stick to bend it in...
  4. JK5599

    Why do I have 2 receivers??

    I hope someone can help, We have a Mitsubishi ground source heat pump system with a water cylinder with a Mitsubishi PAC-IF013B-E Unit on the front. Downstairs we have a wireless Danfoss TP500Si thermostat which talks to the Danfoss RX1 single channel receiver also attached to the unit. There is...
  5. C

    Will Hive or Nest type controller work with electric convector heating system

    My daughter's one bed flat has 4 Tesy 500w convector heaters, Centaur plus C17 programmer, Grasslin Eco save immersion controller and a two element HW tank. She works very irregular shifts at the hospital so has to constantly change the programmer to suit her shifts and often just leaves it...
  6. D


    Hiya first time posting so apologies if not the right place/I'm not following correct etiquette. I've moved in with my boyfriend and am doing up my flat to put on the rental market. I'd like to get a pre-certificate EICR to see what may need to be done/fixed. Where's a good place to find a...
  7. Beneop

    2 way switch, 2 circuits, arced neutral

    Hi all, I have just moved into a house and went to use the light switch last night, it buzzed then shorted. Took the switch off this morning and there looks to have been an arc across to neutral(?) This switch has 2 feeds, looking at it the right switch controls the downstairs hall, the left...
  8. A

    Wiring diagram help - Replacing inline fan with timed inline fan

    I'm replacing an inline extractor fan with the exact same model with a timer function but I'm having trouble understanding the wiring diagram. I've removed the wires from the old fan and got the new one ready but I'm struggling to understand what to do next. The previous wiring setup was shown...
  9. bettz1

    Small plug in downstairs toilet

    So I've finally got round to looking this plug as i want to box in the fuse box and its making it a awkward job. Turned all the fuses for sockets off and the small plug has been wired up to the garage trip switch ?? This is the previous owners handwork again
  10. R

    Shower circuit tripping Intermittently when NOT in use

    Weird one and was wondering if anyone can help? I originally booked for an electrician to come and have a look but had to cancel due to being in isolation for 12 weeks (fun). Can anyone give me any ideas on what this might be? Electrician said it could just need a new pull cord switch in the...
  11. J

    Remove 2 way light switch

    Hi, I’d like to remove this two way switch from our bedroom. F096C476-CFBD-4DAA-A1E2-915C61BFBC7D by JayPick posted 28 Mar 2020 at 1:35 PM 2E680472-78EF-4899-BF67-835DE3663504 by JayPick posted 28 Mar 2020 at 1:35 PM 74287863-94BD-411C-85D5-74AEAC17C694 by JayPick posted 28 Mar 2020 at 1:35...
  12. Dom Burgess

    Electric Towel Rail wiring

    Hi, trying find out if I can run the flex wire from electric towel rail all the into the attic where I would like to put the fused switch spur. (the attic is easily accessible via a door in upstairs bedroom. I would put the switch next to the attic door for easy access). Please see diagram. I'm...
  13. S

    Creda Comfortaire Replacement

    My flat is heated by a Creda Comfortaire AB Warm Air system which uses off peak electricity to heat up bricks (like a central storage heater) and then has a fan controlled via a thermostat to distribute the warm air though ducts in the flat to each room. It's a brilliant system and I'm very...
  14. J

    No power at shower

    Hi, I fitted a new shower back in July, went for the exact same kW and everything has been great until this week when I stopped getting 240V at the shower. All I can find is the breaker but there doesn't seem to be an isolation switch anywhere or a fuse, I don't have any power at the shower...
  15. B

    Toaster in kitchen tripping rccb

    Hi Yesterday our toaster started tripping the main rcb - we believe the toaster is faulty but would of expected the kitchen socket rcb to trip not the ring main rcb - the entire ground floor tripped) - is it expected the main would trip? echo0EA4E3BB-6F23-421E-BE44-7286D7BB619C by bainbrij...
  16. R

    Hive receiver wiring help - oil combi boiler

    Hi, I have moved to a house with a oil Combi boiler and a thermostat (Grant) which is on the wall in the kitchen. Can I replace this with my hive receiver do you know? I'm a joiner to trade so very limited ability with things like this although I replaced my old one but it was like for like...
  17. R

    Lost power to flat, no switches have gone?

    Hi, I’m not an electrician so won’t pretend to understand anything. But I’ve just lost all power to my flat, nothing tripped off but the power had been intermittent on and off when ever it rains. I’ve visited the meter boxes and there were a smell of burnt plastic like when a capo blows and the...
  18. G

    FCU Feeding 2 Double Sockets - OK?

    Hi all, I had a similar thread a while ago but not wanting to necro-post it and also to try and ask a more specific question, I wanted to start a new one. So: I have a double socket in a hallway, with 2 cables going into it, so assuming that it's either part of a ring circuit, or the mid-point...
  19. eveares

    Bang! - I knock out 1/3 of power in office wing!

    About a month ago, I was in one of the office wings of the building that I work at. Went out the fire exit to enter the internal fire-escape stairwell of the wing that I was in to grab some network cables that were in a box that I needed (box of cables was in stairwell). On coming back into...
  20. R

    Buzzer for Videx 3011 entry phone

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone can help, I've been battling with my Videx entryphome system for months now and have some of it working, I'm a joiner by trade and not very close up on electrics as you can probably tell. It was not a like for like handset replacement so I improvised but the...