1. D

    Wall Chasing Problems

    Hi please dont have a go as im not great with building terminology and dont know it all. Im chasing out some walls in my house for some new plug sockets. The problem im having is when i chisel about 5-10mm in (i think) the chisel will go through to the brick for the other wall as if my bricks...
  2. M

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec C900 Installation

    Hi there, I need to replace my current broken electric boiler (Kingspan Senator) with a new Heatrae Sadia Amptec C900 alternative. After a sizeable quote from a heating engineer I'm hoping to give it a go myself. My question is how easy it to replace a unit like this? Are there any particular...
  3. S

    Shower shock

    Hi all, I've had a new 8.5kw shower installed recently and the water seems to be passing an electrical current which I checked with a diy voltage tester and its bleeping, I've isolated the shower and the shower isn't in use. We have another shower installed years ago which is working fine did...
  4. R

    Changed single plug socket keeps popping

    Hi there, I have no electrical experience what so ever and don't understand the terminology. Yesterday i change a single socket, all was fine for 24 hours then this evening i heard a popping noise from the direction of the new socket and the electric tripped, i turned it back on and checked...
  5. D

    Creda Electric Shower - Won't Turn Off!

    Hi all, Would appreciate some help with this. Creda shower has been working fine for years, but now will not switch off unless I switch off the Shower electricity at the fusebox. Shower unit has 'shut down' button and 3 other power buttons. Pressing the buttons makes the light next to each...
  6. eveares

    Spanish Consumer Units and Spanish Electricity bills?

    Hi all, I am from the Uk and last week I was over in the Costa Del Sol area of Spain visiting a friend. Now I noticed both in the hotel room I was staying at (which had a consumer unit) and at my friends apartment, most if not all the circuits were protected by double pole MCB'S versus the...
  7. J

    Electric only flat ... removing water tank and upgrading system.

    Hi All ... First ever post. I have just bought a one bed one bathroom ground floor flat with not a lot going for it in the way of storage. Currently in the hall way there is a cupboard that houses an immersion tank, shower pump and also water tank. The place has no gas so a combi is out of...
  8. daviwy

    House Electrical Issues

    All, I have an issue with my house and will require some candid advise on what to do, I have recently had issues with different electrical appliances / light bulb / bathroom wiring packing up. If you put 4 bulbs in different areas of the house, you can guarantee that 1 or 2 will blow off...
  9. D

    Electric 13AMP Fused Spur Melted!!

    Hi I have a 12sq m Electric underfloor heating mat rated at 200W per Sq Metre Total of 2400W. A quick check online calculator indicates 10AMPs. The feed to this spur is on 2.5mm electrical cable and is not part of a ring main. Its connected in the fuse box to a 32amp breaker. We also...
  10. J

    Double Gang Switch Replacement; Comm L1 Link?

    Hello Everyone. Im struggling to replace a switch in my flat with a dimmer; I'm hoping someone on here might be able to help. I currently have a double switch that controls both some roof lights and a 5amp lighting ring. The Lighting ring has a secondary switch on the other side of the room. I...
  11. S

    Advice - Best Way to change from Ceiling Rose to Junction Box in Bathroom

    Hi all. Any advice on the following is much appreciated. I am replacing current bathroom flush light fitting with an IP44 rated Flush Light fitting. The current fitting is connected to Ceiling rose plate (which is then just covered by the flush mount fitting). Its a ring circuit. I cant just...
  12. B

    Grant Vortex Combi & Honeywell BDR91 Thermostat

    Hi, I am having difficulty in establishing the correct wiring for attaching a Honeywell BDR91 boiler relay (as part of the Honeywell Y87RF Single Zone Thermostat). I have the instructions for both, but cannot make the correct method (images attached) Grant Vortex 36e (External Oil Combi)...
  13. H

    Replacing old dimmer switch

    Hi all, Just moved into a house with an old dimmer switch in it, that requires a BS646 3A fuse to work. The fuse has gone, so was thinking I'd just put in a modern 1G1W switch. The front of the existing dimmer looks like this. The wiring at the back (this house has the old UK wiring...
  14. P

    Converting 12V Halogen fixture to 230V LED fixture

    I recently bought a 12V Halogen light fixture that takes upto 5 20W G4 lamps. Inside this fixture is an electronic transformer that supplies 12V AC current to 35W-105W load. Looking for LED bulbs, I see most of the 12V AC LED G4s are 3-5W, which combined together wouldn't exceed the minimum 35W...
  15. Image


    Can any one help me what the hell some one were thinking! I'm wanting to hang a new light up at my new house and the old tenants have took there old light and left me with this, I'm quite handy but I've no idea why it's like this?
  16. Jaynew8796

    Shower tripping fuse box

    If I Shower for over 5 minutes it trips the fuse box. I can reset it, the shower switch and half my houses plug sockets, the other half however trips out over and over. I have unplugged and turned off every socket connected to this second fuse and try again but it still won't stay on. Usually...