bay window

  1. N

    Crack In Bay Window 1950

    Hi! Looking to purchase a house an spotted cracks on the bay windows 1st floor only. Think the windows were changed in 2007, house was built 1950's I believe. Seen quite a few threads about this being common with UPVC, but just after some second opinions on whether this is considered serious...
  2. D

    Damp in bay p

    Hi, having lots of issues with this bay, the pebble dash is due to be removed and a new render added, is this concrete level too high? Was considering taking it out, on Google images it wasn’t there and was a flower bed in 2009. Now it’s all concrete, will this help?
  3. A

    Bay window with lead roof leaking

    Hi, I have a bay window which appears to leak in heavy rain from the top frame - see pics which show droplets of water which have trickled down between the frame joint ( this joint is roughly where the mortar line is on the outside) and overnight it ends up leaving a huge pool of water on the...
  4. samiebon1

    Insulating bay window with adjacent piers

    Hi all (first post), I'm looking at insulating our ground floor bay window and have scoured pages to look for a similar arrangement to ours. The bay window has adjacent 'piers' (walls) at the end of the curve, I'm wondering whether I should/need to also strip the plaster back on these walls as...
  5. P

    Cracks along bay window beam

    Hi folks, removing wallpaper from my bedroom and noticed a number of cracks along what I understand is a Bressumer Beam. The cracks run along the beam itself as well as the walls on either side of the beam. It looks like the previous owner may have attempted to fill the cracks at some point...
  6. C

    Bay Window Footing/Foundation

    Hello! Following increased readings of moisture on the internal side of the bay wall, a damp specialist has flagged raised ground levels on the exterior and recommended that the bricks at the base of the bay window are exposed and a french drain / gravel is installed around to protect the...
  7. B

    Crack above bay window

    Hi, looking for some advice on getting the crack above my bay window fixed. I’ve added a picture of it. One contractor has quoted me £300 for using hex bars to stabilise the wall and repoint it. Another has quoted £1790 to do the work and advised that extra work may need to be done on the...
  8. D

    How to insulate 30s semi bay window

    Hello, I’m decorating the master bedroom of the 30s semi. The bay window is currently not insulated. It looks to have the original plaster on laffs and nothing behind. Externally, I don’t believe there to be a brick wall. The house is pebbledashed from the front. How’s best to insultate? Should...
  9. R

    Bay windowsill repair

    Hello, I'm looking to repair my bay windowsill so I can repaint it. The columns are fine it's just the windowsill itself that is weathered and cracked. I've attached photos, does anyone have any tips on how to do this? I read some other forums that said to first "First you need to gently strip...
  10. L

    1930s semi - possible damp problem?

    Hi all, considering buying a 30s semi and noticed a couple of dodgy-looking areas on the walls during our viewing. Would really appreciate a second opinion from anyone with a bit of experience in these things. Firstly beneath the bay window in the lounge, there is a large area that looks...
  11. K

    Damp under bay window

    Hello all, I am hoping somebody might be able to help with an ongoing issue we have under our upstairs bay window. The house is a detached 1930s house. We renovated it around 6 years ago now, and this problem only seems to have arisen in the last 3 ish. Under the bay, we have a number of...
  12. E

    Leaky Bay window in living room

    During some renovating I realised our bay window has a water leak. Will remove and reapply the silicone sealant on the external sill (where the sill meets the window frame) to try fix this. Just wondering though, looking at the windows from inside, one of them has some sort of seal/gasket...
  13. Matt&g

    Wood lintel in bay window Do i Add extra supports ?

    Ive been working on removing some old boxing in the bedroom and on removing the old plaster board i noticed that the wooden lintel that sits above the bay window seems to be supported by virtually nothing other than the windows and a small joist which the window is screwed into. The wood at the...
  14. V

    Supporting bay window roof

    We've been advised by both the surveyor when we bought the house and a window fitter that the gable roof above our bay window is not supported adequately. There is slight deflection to the roof line and the window fitter said our options were to either support it temporarily while they change...
  15. L

    Cracks in bay, lintel repair or settlement?

    I had some replacement PVC windows installed in April this year, and since then we have had a crack appear in the painted over pebbledash underneath the top bay window. I have now noticed just yesterday some new hairline cracks in the interior of the top bay window that are diagonal in nature...
  16. R

    £3,000 to repair pinhole leaks in lead flashing?

    I have a 1930s semi-detached with a 5-section bay window at the front. At the top front bedroom we noticed a damp patch in the ceiling of the bay window. Ah, water leak. Had a guy in to inspect it, which we paid £300 for. Went up on a ladder, had a look at it inside and also poked around in our...
  17. C

    Damp in terrace house

    Hi all, I recently moved into a 3 bedroom terrace house and have notice large amounts of damp in the bay window of the house (please see the images attached for reference) I was just hoping that someone on here would be able to identify what type of damp it is This only started in October it...
  18. L

    Excessive condensation

    Hi all We live in a semi detached Edwardian property with two large bay windows in the master bedroom and lounge. In the master, no matter what we do we seem to get excessive condensation each morning. We have tried a dehumidifier (didn’t work) so am at a bit of a loss to what we could do. We...
  19. J

    Bay Window Tiles

    Hi all, I need your help. We are looking to getting our front bay tiles replaced and re-sealed etc.. Some leaks in the past and want to make it right. We have been quoted £1500 to do this. Is this correct? It seems excessive but I am a complete novice. thanks
  20. A

    Bitumen under upstairs bay window

    Hi all, I have an upstairs bay window that has bitumen painted underneath it (I assume to prevent damp) and then been wallpapered directly on top and it looks god awful. Its single skin so I want to insulate and board. Can I stick insulation directly to the bitumen with foam and then board and...