bay window

  1. Matt&g

    Wood lintel in bay window Do i Add extra supports ?

    Ive been working on removing some old boxing in the bedroom and on removing the old plaster board i noticed that the wooden lintel that sits above the bay window seems to be supported by virtually nothing other than the windows and a small joist which the window is screwed into. The wood at the...
  2. V

    Supporting bay window roof

    We've been advised by both the surveyor when we bought the house and a window fitter that the gable roof above our bay window is not supported adequately. There is slight deflection to the roof line and the window fitter said our options were to either support it temporarily while they change...
  3. L

    Cracks in bay, lintel repair or settlement?

    I had some replacement PVC windows installed in April this year, and since then we have had a crack appear in the painted over pebbledash underneath the top bay window. I have now noticed just yesterday some new hairline cracks in the interior of the top bay window that are diagonal in nature...
  4. R

    £3,000 to repair pinhole leaks in lead flashing?

    I have a 1930s semi-detached with a 5-section bay window at the front. At the top front bedroom we noticed a damp patch in the ceiling of the bay window. Ah, water leak. Had a guy in to inspect it, which we paid £300 for. Went up on a ladder, had a look at it inside and also poked around in our...
  5. C

    Damp in terrace house

    Hi all, I recently moved into a 3 bedroom terrace house and have notice large amounts of damp in the bay window of the house (please see the images attached for reference) I was just hoping that someone on here would be able to identify what type of damp it is This only started in October it...
  6. L

    Excessive condensation

    Hi all We live in a semi detached Edwardian property with two large bay windows in the master bedroom and lounge. In the master, no matter what we do we seem to get excessive condensation each morning. We have tried a dehumidifier (didn’t work) so am at a bit of a loss to what we could do. We...
  7. J

    Bay Window Tiles

    Hi all, I need your help. We are looking to getting our front bay tiles replaced and re-sealed etc.. Some leaks in the past and want to make it right. We have been quoted £1500 to do this. Is this correct? It seems excessive but I am a complete novice. thanks
  8. A

    Bitumen under upstairs bay window

    Hi all, I have an upstairs bay window that has bitumen painted underneath it (I assume to prevent damp) and then been wallpapered directly on top and it looks god awful. Its single skin so I want to insulate and board. Can I stick insulation directly to the bitumen with foam and then board and...
  9. J

    Insulating Bay Window

    Hi All First post here and having read some of the other posts on bay windows, I do have one additional question. The bay window in the front bedroom has a timber frame, with render on the outside and plaster inside. The radiator is on the wall on the bay window - if that makes sense. The...
  10. G

    Can scaffolding be put on your roof without consent ?

    I have a rental property where my tenant complained of water leaking through the ceiling. It tripped the MCB and he didn't have power for a night, wet carpet and sofa. No heating as that's electric. He mentioned that there was scaffolding next door. When I arrived I was shocked that it is...
  11. M

    Square bay window, 3 sides, roof restraint straps

    Family member has had approval for fitting a square bay window to their property. They are having a pitched roof on top of the bay (around 1.8m wide and 750mm deep). The window set (2 sides, 1 front) also has what looks like 4mm, aluminium square box tubing inside the corner sections, to be...
  12. 3

    Damp…air brick or drainage, both ?

    I have recently bought this house and there is some damp coming through the new plaster at one side of the bay on the inside. Pics below of inside and out. I don’t know where to start with it- the most obvious is the lack of adequate drainage from the main drain from the roof but could it also...
  13. T

    Window Sealing?

    Hi, During our renovations we have removed the wallpaper and along with this the UPVC “edge” around the window has come off. What products would you use to “connect” the windows to the wall and to get rid of the unsightly gaps? Thank you
  14. P

    Porch projecting beyond bay window

    Looking for some porch building advice. I live in a house with a bay window in Redbridge east London. Wondering if I can build a 1.7m by 1.7m (3 metre squared) porch without planning permission bearing in mind it will protrude further than the bay window by about a meter into the front garden...
  15. DIYNoobDude

    Can I screw into lower end of rafters?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this stuff so thanks for all your help guys! :) Sorry for the long post! Summary: Trying to fit curtains onto a bay window but there is no wall to screw into above, only rafters. Detail: There is no wall or lintel above my bay window. Basically, it's a normal pitched...
  16. Q

    Damp and mould in front of house

    Hi all, I've moved into a property that has significant damp marks at the front of the house (see pictures attached). I knew about this before moving in but am slightly lost as to what the best course of action is. There is a large carpeted cement step that is raised from the ground and then...
  17. Auric

    Best way to restore detailing around bay window

    Hi all I'm looking for advice on restoring our bay window. The previous occupant thought it would be great to shear off the London victorian detailing and to pebbledash the front of the house. We've got the pebbledash off ourselves but now need to restore the look of the bay window as we live...
  18. J

    How to rebuild a 1930 bay window box

    Hello! I'm currently removing a rotten bay from the exterior as the render has failed and the laths behind are totally rotted through. 1. Does anyone know what the black sheeting is called and what the modern version is called these day? That's failed and needs replacing too. 2. I'm planning...
  19. A

    What is the best way to clean and paint this bit above a bay window?

    What is the best way to clean and paint this bit above a bay window? Whats the piece above the window called and is there a specific type of outdoor paint I should use?
  20. Tauseef Ahmed

    Bay Window to Square Window

    Good morning, We are planning to convert a bay window into a square window with an increase in width. The front elevation distance would remain the same from the pavement/road. I would like to know whether that would require planning permission? I have added pictures for illustration purposes...