1. J

    Replacement pull handles for bifold mirrored wardrobe doors

    It's a long shot but can anyone suggest where I can find replacements for old style pull handles for bifold mirrored doors. The handles (now broken) were side/edge mounted. All I can find are some adaptors which wrap around the door edge and which I can add handles to. I can't find any side...
  2. J

    Bifold door track holding water.

    Hi, The track on my bifold doors is holding water causing the rollers to rust. This started after the seal was replaced by the installers. The old seal was fouling on the bottom of the door making it difficult to open and close them (there is no up/down adjustment on the rollers). The...
  3. DanRobertsB

    Windows and sliding doors: Velfac vs uPVC vs aluminium

    Hi, I'm after some replacement casement windows and sliding patio doors in a timber frame/wood clad house. White inside, rosewood (or similar RAL colour) outside. Any thoughts on what material is best, and why? Seems to be a fair it of conflicting advice (much of it from interested parties!)...
  4. O

    Gap between bifolds and RSJ

    Hi, New here. Need some advice on a project I’m working on. Iv had a 5meter RSJ put in across the back of my house. I have some bifolds ready to go in for now but In 6-8 months time I am having an extension. When I do the bifolds will move to the new extension. The problem is the RSJ...
  5. O

    Lintel for a 3600mm bifold

    Hi, I'm working on a single storey extension which has a 3600mm bifold door to be fitted in a 100mm cavity wall. The weight on the lintel will be: 1 course block (up to wall plate) 50mm x 150mm joists boarded and felted. The one side of joists will be on hangers fixed to the original build...
  6. T

    Energy Saving in an Open Plan world

    We’ve an open plan kitchen/diner/social space, that, as you can see, has a lot of glass. It carries the same thermal delights as a conservatory. Scorchio in summer, freezing in winter. It measures about 8x8m. The area has WarmUp UFH covering it, but I’d have to sell a body part to fund...
  7. O

    Is a padstone always required?

    Hi, I'm having built single storey extension with a bifold leading to the patio. It will have a flat roof, so not much weight. The opening is 3.6m brick to brick, thermalite inside and concrete block outside, 100mm cavity. I assume this is too wide for a pre-stressed lintel so considering a...
  8. A

    Magnet on bifold doors

    Hi I have bifold doors in place with the magnet to hold the door open set in the middle (going by what manufacturer set out), but the door comes away from the magnet when even slightly windy. A second magnet can’t be placed nearer to the end of the door because of the restriction with the...
  9. M

    Height of internal floor too low or DPC too high

    Hi, I'm getting to the end of a renovation and the concrete floor screed has been laid. This is in a rear extension to the kitchen and also a new extension at the front. There is a gap of about 3 inches between the top of the floor and the DPC level, both at the front door and at the back...
  10. C

    Aluminium bifold

    Hello chaps I'd just like to hear your ideas for my aluminium bifolds. 4 panel .5.4m long . There are no working handles or locks from the outside.. open from left to right. No master doors or slave doors. I was thinking a shock sensor maybe 2. Or because there is no locking mechanism on the...
  11. 9

    Bifold Door Leaking and Defying Gravity!

    Hi all! Long term lurker, first time poster here - been using DIYnot forums for many years and always managed to find an answer, alas this one has me stumped so time to create an account and get posting! We have some bifold doors in our kitchen that occassionaly leak in a very specific place...
  12. J

    Replace external sliding door with internal bifold door conservatory. Can I ?

    I was wondering if is possible to replace an old sliding doors with an interior bifold between my extension and conservatory. What would be the minimum spec accepted by building control? Thanks
  13. T

    Cavity tray above airbricks? Bifold above

    I am building a level threshold for my bifold on my extension, having an air brick Telescopic vent just below dpc, would clash with the insulation on my block and beam floor. My architect has detail a cavity tray above the air brick, even though there’s a bifold directly above it? Is this required?
  14. T

    Padstone for Bifold Steel beam?

    Hi I have a single storey extension going in with a 4m long bifold to the garden, it is likely that due to this span we would be installing this steel with welded plate as you’ve shown in your detail drawing. My question is: Where this steel is supported at either side of the bifold, will the...
  15. G

    Fire-rated Bifold door

    Hi everyone I'm aware I'm likely on a hiding to nothing, but I'm looking for an FD30 bifolding door. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? It needs to be a 4-panel style to match other doors. I'm not too bothered about the material/finish, as it will be painted anyway This is part of a...
  16. J

    Anyone recognise this ESPO bifold door handle?

    Looking for a replacement handle for this bifold door. The broken one is unmarked but some of the other hardware has an ESPO logo on it. Couldn't find much online :confused: Thanks :D
  17. S

    Bifold doors and cavity wall Help........

    Hello, I have googled the hell out of this after I fell out with my architect for lying to me and can’t find the answer, so I thought I would join the fun and ask. I am not a builder but so far this has been an amazing learning curve. I am building an extension and we have planned to put 3.1m...
  18. B

    BiFold T Handle Not Popping

    hi there, One of the T Bar Handles on my bifold doors has randomly stopped popping out. I’ve tried googling but can’t seem to find any troubleshooting suggestions for this. I’ve double checked it’s not locked. Any other suggestions gratefully received!
  19. N

    Sunflex aluminium sliding doors

    DIYNOT community, Has anyone ever installed or bought Sunflex aluminium sliding doors? We are currently in the market for some sliding doors for the back of our extension which faces the garden. Are there any particular brands which people would recommend? Thanks
  20. R

    Folding doors in archway

    Hi I have a victorian house where the front two rooms have been knocked together with an archway between them. I now want to split the two rooms with folding doors so that we can either use them as separate rooms or keep it as one big space. I've attached a photo of the archway and would be...