1. Dee12345

    Steel lintel under existing concrete lintel

    Hi All, Quick question please just want to make sure there isn't an issue with this or maybe there is a much simpler solution than putting a steel lintel under the current concrete lintel Garage conversation so removing the garage door and replacing with a back door and window. Currently above...
  2. RichieSixty

    Wet Bricks?

    Hi all, Recently moved house and spotted these wet bricks. They are below the damp course and it's only those bricks that get wet. They do dry out during the day but sometimes they are wet in the morning even if it's not been raining. Perhaps some condensation? Wet Bricks by RichieSixty...
  3. R

    Removing paint from exterior brick

    Hi folks, Can anyone give me some advice on how I should go about removing the paint from the bricks on my house's exterior? Theres only 20 or so to do. It's peeling at the edges already. Cheers Richard
  4. L

    Is this shoddy brickwork/pointing?

    Hi, Any advice appreciated please. My builder has taken 10 months now for an extension that was quoted as being a 3 month job. He started out really well with the brickwork and it looked good, seemed to have been done properly with string line and looked great but as the walls have progressed...
  5. M

    Brick work moving above damp proof course

    We have a builder who has added a damp proof course and then added bricks on top. Should the bricks above be fixed in place or be able to move? At present the whole wall moves at the slightest touch above the damp proof course. It is not complete, but we don't feel this is right. We are talking...
  6. R

    Replacing Cut Bricks in Fireplace Chimney Breast

    Hi all! I'm opening up a fireplace, ready to accept a wood burning stove. Property is 1918. It's clear it's been chopped about over the years. At some point it seems to have had some kind of large inset fire or similar installed. I haven't been able to quite figure out what it was (any...
  7. moore005004

    help loose edging blocks

    Hi, I am a total novice I layed some garden border edging blocks 3 weeks ago, I dug a 10" trench leveled it and tampered it down poured dry concrete in the trench leveled that, set the blocks in tapped them in and leveled them off (forgot to mention the blocks are 8"x 5"x 2") I then sprayed...
  8. rystaman

    Is this brick damage anything to worry about? (Potential damp)

    Hi all, Currently in the process of purchasing a 3-bed semi-detached house built in 1971 and have a couple of concerns about the condition of some of the bricks at the front of the house (which is north-facing). Firstly the below - I have no idea what this would be but looks like a crack all...
  9. SS-ProjectBuild

    Concrete vs Ash vs Thermalite

    Hi All, Ive been advised by my builder to use concrete blocks fro my outer skin of my outbuilding and internal skin/partition walls with ashblocks/ashlite.... i cant find much information on these on the net...has anybody else come across these (or if there is a different term for them)? Ive...
  10. G

    Covering back of neighbour's shed

    Hi all we've had our brick shed removed that was a double shed attached to the neighbour's shed. The builders filled in the gaps under the exposed roof with expanding foam as well as where bricks were removed in the middle. Firstly, will this all provide enough weatherproofing for our...
  11. L

    Metal fixings in mortar between bricks

    Hi, I'm currently changing an old post and the fixings that were on the wood are in between the bricks and I'm struggling to get them out. I've knocked them to the sides and they move when hit but don't seem to be loosening. Ive picked away at the mortar either side and still no luck. Any...
  12. Halfaudio

    Composite doors/prices/quality and brick work.

    Hi. I would like to hear your experience about one particular company and what i learned from my research and i need a better understanding how to match mortar from 1929 with 2019 cr*p We had good look around and decided to go with safestyle uk composite modern doors and side window fully...
  13. cwhaley

    Self-build Small Extension

    We have a single skin coal house on the rear of our property, now used to store the washer and dryer. It is currently accessed from the rear door to the house. It works but it is a small room and when we have children it would be much-needed additional space. The room is already powered by a...
  14. M

    Mortar washed out from between the bricks?

    Hi, I have recently lowered the ground level at the front of the property and discovered that the 'mortar has been washed out' over the years? Or has it? Are there supposed to be gaps or should I fill them? Would normal mortar mix be OK to do it? Thank you in advance.
  15. J

    Frost damaged, spalling brickwork

    Hi All, We are in the process of buying a red brick Victorian mid-terrace house. The survey on the house we are looking to buy has identified frost damaged brickwork on the front of the property, most of the bricks are showing symptoms, +60%. How big a job is getting all those bricks replaced...
  16. J

    Identifying unusual bricks / blocks (12" x 9" x ?")

    Hi, The gable end of my 1930/40s brick house has these strange bricks/blocks (picture attached) on the inner leaf. They seem to be made of clay like conventional bricks. I have been googling images but find nothing comparable. Does anyone know what they are called so that I can research them...
  17. cwhaley

    Use for leftover bricks

    I have around 140 grey paving bricks and about 30 usable post-war (1940s) Imperial house bricks. I don't want to give them away -- there must be something to be done with them in the garden. Any ideas on what to do with them other than lay a small path?
  18. Jem33

    Can anyone name this brick?

    Can anyone name this type of brick? The house was built in the 90s and it has a pink tinge to it. We're hoping to use the same type of brick for the new porch we hope to build.
  19. U

    Solid or Hollow blocks for brick shed?

    Hi all, quick question - I am building a single skin brick shed to house my tools and kids bikes more securely. Have been perusing travis Perkins website and they have solid and dense concrete blocks - is one better than the other for my purpose? Am thinking hollow as they are wider and maybe...
  20. O

    Gap between main house and extension (Victorian)

    I have a gap between my main house and double storey extension. Although I call it an extension I think it has been there since the house was built as every house on the street has the same layout. The gap is even all the way through and it is not wider at the top than the bottom. I wanted some...