building regs

  1. A

    Build regs for internal wall insulation?

    Gah, I’m in a pickle. I’m having internal walls and ceilings/flat roof insulated as part of my journey towards getting an ASHP/more energy efficient house. Most of the walls are 1960s build cavity walls, assumed insulated on the EPC. I’ve had an energy consultant and various builders quote...
  2. P

    Are you allowed to have an appliance plugged into a socket in another room permanently? Ie. Alexa in bathroom, socket in loft?

    Hiya, after some guidance, please :-) Would it be ok with building regs to put an Alexa in zone 3 of the bathroom if she's in a hole, high up on the wall, behind a grill that is screwed on to the wall and can't be taken off the wall without a screwdriver? The plan is to have the alexa wire...
  3. T

    fire door needed?

    Hi, im currently designing my own rear extension with it being permitted development. I was curious to know, would i require a fire door to the opening between the hall and pantry? many thanks
  4. D

    Building Control Company Lost Licence

    Hi all, I found out from a builder that my Building Control company had lost their licence and were due to cease trading so rang up for a partial completion certificate. No other company will touch it now and say it must go through the local council. I spoke to the council and they said make...
  5. J

    800mm toughened glass rule

    Hi looking to replace a lot of windows in my house. I noticed there is a rule on if it’s within 800mm of the floor then you need toughened glass. Annoyingly all bad one of the windows are about 750mm to the bottom of the frame. I’m fitting them myself and building regs will sign them off. Does...
  6. M

    Responsibility for builder building to SE spec?

    Is it building control's responsibility to check that the builder builds to the structural engineer’s design and specification?
  7. A

    Garage conversion but meters on walls?

    Hi, so we are converting our garage (linked to the 1960's house) into a habitable room. The walls are double leaf brick without cavity. I will therefore need Celotex Insulated internal plasterboard sheets - do you know if 75mm cellotex is the minimum acceptable thickness? Can I simply bond it to...
  8. SpaceWorm

    Garage Conversion Wall & Floor Construction Details

    Hello All, I am planning to convert a detached, 1960's, brick-built (singe-skin with piers) garage with a pitched, tiled roof into a new kitchen-diner and connect it to the existing house with a nice walkway with plenty of glass. The garage is approximately 3.5x6.0m. I am planning to construct...
  9. A

    What is most economical solution for a strip foundation here?

    Hi, please see attached photo showing rear wall of a 1960's semi-house. The rain-pipe and sink pipe waste run into this gutter. The green hilight shows where the new proposed 60cm wide strip foundation will run for the rear kitchen extension (about 1m deep). What is the solution for this...
  10. A

    Loft room - no build regs

    Hi all, I am in the middle of purchasing a 3 bedroom property, plus a loft room (note this is NOT advertised as an extra bedroom). The property is advertised as a 3 bedroom, and the mortgage valuation is based on a 3 bedroom. There is no planning or building regs for the loft room, and it has...
  11. G

    Building regulations for wall return on porch

    Hi, I'm currently mid-build on a 1.6m deep x 2.8m wide porch. I've been told by the builders that I can't put the door where I want to (very close to one edge) because building regs require a >600mm return. Something to do with making sure the wall doesn't get blown over. We live near London so...
  12. A

    Garden Outbuilding - building regs?

    I'm considering building a garden room / outbuilding down the bottom of the garden. I'm no builder but I'm toying with the idea of using a SIPs garden room kit as an insulated brick one is expensive. I've seen 6m x 3m design from supersips that we like, it's going to be located within 1m of the...
  13. B

    Wooden Garage Side Extension

    Hello All I have had a look on the planning portal website but not making much sense. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice before I pay the fee my local council charge for asking them if I need planning permission. I have a semi-detached house with vehicular side access. I currently...
  14. J

    Replace external sliding door with internal bifold door conservatory. Can I ?

    I was wondering if is possible to replace an old sliding doors with an interior bifold between my extension and conservatory. What would be the minimum spec accepted by building control? Thanks
  15. B

    Can’t find what I need?

    Hello I’m just hoping to get some clarity on what if any building regs I need for a slight garage conversion. I seem to be finding conflicting information online and was pointed in the direction of this site. I’ll include some pictures which have a window one end and a normal garage door the...
  16. L

    External timber partition within existing opening

    I have got planning permission to divide one larger room into two with a timber partition wall ending in the external large existing sliding doors opening (with concrete lintel above). I am struggling to find any construction details for an external timber pier for this dividing wall between...
  17. H2Gizmo

    Decking Planning permission

    Hi. I live on a mobile Home park,all year round living, retirement place etc etc. We had a small brick patio where our table and chairs did not fit so we extended the patio out, using composite decking boards, laying the boards directly on top of the original patio and in the end doubling the...
  18. C

    Retrospective building regs for wall

    Hi there, grateful for some advice on this query. We purchased our house in 2016, with a little conservatory on the back. Apparently this was built before previous owners bought in 2007, and no building regs in place so We purchased indemnity insurance instead in order to get mortgage agreed...
  19. M

    Detached Garage Coversion - Fire rated plasterboard

    Hi, Im looking to convert half of my detached garage into a study. I have confirmed with local Building Control and the Planning department that I do not require planning permission or building regs as it conforms with permitted development. Even so I want to build to regulations completely. Im...
  20. acurachris

    Additional planning permission question

    Hi I am currently building my own extension and planning permission & building regs are all underway (built to DPC currently). The extension is a two storey side extension with a single storey extension on the side of that. See pic. I am now thinking i should of put in for a two storey on all...