1. E

    Internal skirt removed to brick

    I've recently had an issue with damp next to a party wall where we had a unit pushed up to it. We're fairly certain now it was condensation / lack of air movement. Neighbour has no problems on their side. The skirting board was rotten, so I've taken it out and was surprised to find a second...
  2. P

    questions about cement plastering and bathroom

    Hey all! I'm new to plastering. I'm renovating some large property by myself and learning a lot of plumbing, some minor electricity, woodworking, metalworking, glasswork ext. It's going great as I'm putting 24h a day researching how to and working :) I'm getting really better at plastering...
  3. L

    Cracks in verge mortar

    Hi there Had work done on roof recently and a few cracks are appearing in the mortar - all quite wide (see ref pic attached). Be grateful if someone can say how much of an issue this will be as roofer ghosting us. Unsure if ok because tiles on top and sheeting below should do the job? Thanks
  4. C

    Cement Mix

    What mix do you need for precast finish, like this: I'm looking for a smooth look much like you find on a lot of buildings and civil projects these days. Thanks
  5. A

    Half finished basement floor

    Hi, The basement floor in my house seems to be half finished. Literally half of the floor looks like a thin layer of cement that has been poured over a plastic sheet which was on a bed of sand (with the dirt floor underneath the sand). The other half of the basement is just sand. I don't know...
  6. E

    Cementing in for Engineered wood.

    Hi. Very limited experience here. I recently paid someone to put down new boards and joists due to damp. They left it like this over the old fireplace block. I don't know if that's a normal way to leave it or not. I'd expected him to board over it and had never really thought to raise the...
  7. LucyS91

    Roughcast / pebbledash garage repair - Need help with render /cement ratios

    Hi all, I am currently doing up my garage and plan on painting my garage with masonry paint but first I need to repair my garage since part of the roughcast/pebbledash panel has broken off. I am going to remove any loose bits with my chisel and then pebbledash a layer over it, it doesn't have...
  8. J

    Belle mixer with 3.5hp Brigg stratton - stops working when loaded

    I have had a Petrol mixer belle 150l with 3.5hp briggs stratton used a while back for a project with no power, Then stored in the garage for few years. The other day we put it outside and tried to start with no luck. Removed carburettor, pushed some air and bang started at first pull. I then...
  9. E

    Cement and SBR & a Lead Pipe

    Hey everyone, So I had a bit of a self-engineered ordeal yesterday. I was using an SBR slurry and a pot of 'U-Can Patch fill Concrete repair' to fill a small hole in a concrete slab before screed. Long story short, it ended up running over and some of it got on an out of use lead pipe. I...
  10. S

    Mortar/Cement Mix

    I want to fill the gap (10mm wide, 30 mm deep) between paving stones and a wall. I want to stop the water dripping off the wall and going into the gap. Instead I want the water to flow over the paving stone away from the building What mortar/cement mix or product should I use. Thanks
  11. Why Eye

    Securing wood in concrete

    I want to lay gravel over a section of my garden, but need to add an edge to stop the gravel travelling. I’ve laid some wooden battens into mortar (with a gravel bed underneath for drainage) and use screws about 1 inch proud in the under side of the wood to make them more secure in the concrete...
  12. L

    Is this shoddy brickwork/pointing?

    Hi, Any advice appreciated please. My builder has taken 10 months now for an extension that was quoted as being a 3 month job. He started out really well with the brickwork and it looked good, seemed to have been done properly with string line and looked great but as the walls have progressed...
  13. D

    Can you "refresh" cement?

    Hi. I bought cement to make concrete to be used to effect a border around my garden. So, great strength of concrete is not required. Now, I've had this cement 2 years. Say I have six bags, can I "refresh" the cement by adding a bag a new cement to three bags of the old? Would not attempt this...
  14. R

    Can I use sand came underneith old patio for cement mix

    Hi, We have removed some of the old stone patio which was layed on top of a sand bed. (the patio could be about 20-30 years old). I need to create some cement mix to lay some new patio elsewhere in the garden. I am planning to use as mortar bed. My question is , can I just use this sand...
  15. M

    Will this brick need repointing ?

    I am having beams installed to support a chimney stack. I noticed that whilst this beam was being installed the rear wall which the beam was to be placed on was broken through . The builder left it like this, could this lead to possible water damage in the future and should I insist that it is...
  16. R

    Capping a soil pipe

    I have a soil pipe that I plan to remove and I really need some advice on how best to cap it off. It's a cast iron pipe, about a meter high from the ground floor with an air admittance vavle attached. I no longer have anything going to this waste so I'd like to cut it to ground level and cap it...
  17. 2

    Put cement between paving slabs

    Filled 1part cement and 3 part sand into the gaps of paving slabs. Made a dry mix and then sprayed with some water. Tried the wet sloppy mix but not my cup of tea as I have never done this before. Can you please tell me how long will this take to dry and do I need to spray more water after...
  18. M

    How can i achieve this mortar colour?

    Hi guys, I have just installed brick slips in my home and I am looking for the right mortar mix/ratio between sand, lime, cement/ White cement and water (or pigment colour) to achieve the desired colour below please, in addition to achieving strongly bonded mortar. Below is the colour, its a...
  19. M

    How can i achieve this mortar mix colour?

    Hi guys, I have just installed brick slips in my home and I am looking for the right mortar mix/ratio between sand, lime, cement/ White cement and water (or pigment colour) to achieve the desired colour below please, in addition to achieving strongly bonded mortar. Below is the colour, its a...
  20. R

    Kids climbing frame fixings

    Hi I have removed my shed and looking to put up a jungle gym kids climbing frame. Should I leave the slabs or remove? Looking at the guide neither fixings will work with the slabs. Has anyone fitted securely onto slabs before? The area will be covered with playbark also...