central heating issue

  1. D

    Perforated cylinder coil, F&E tank overflowing (Ed.)

    Hi everyone, About a month or two ago we noticed that the F and E was overflowing quite a bit. We also had some rusty coloured water. I can see now from research that this would naturally point to a hole in the coil. I had a plumber out, who I wouldn’t use again because he seemed completely...
  2. jakub742

    Viessmann Vitopend 100-W WH1B heating not working. (Hot water in taps is fine)

    For some reason my boiler stopped heating the radiators, hot water running fine. A month ago when it happened i kinda played around with pressure, i drained few liters of water so it would be at 0, then put pressure to 1 it worked for 3 weeks, then happened again same trick didnt helped. I...
  3. M

    Need wired room thermostat for Worcester com I boiler

    Hi Can anyone help please? I need some advice please on replacing my wired room thermostat. I’ve had a Worcester 27cdi boiler fitted in my loft recently and an old style dial wired room thermostat on the floor below. The problem is that the lowest temperature setting on the dial is 10 degrees...
  4. Z

    Air stuck in central heating system

    I have air stuck in my hot water system which is characterised by a loud humming/vibrating noise coming from my hot water pump every 10-15 mins for about 3-4 mins at a time (presumeably as the pocket of air cycles around the system and hits the pump). I have tried bleeding all the radiators in...
  5. Wildey

    Running out of Ideas

    All radiators are cold, pump is ok, boiler is firing, hot water works, bi directional valve working. Pipes leading from the pump are good and hot but absolutely nothing at the radiators. Struggling as to what to do next
  6. C5VHB

    Logic 24 combi boiler problem

    Hi, I have a Logic 24 Combi boiler. I have started having issues with the heating a couple of days ago when I realised the CH was not heating the radiators as much as it used to. I thought this may have been down to the pressure and tried to increase it slightly because it was on 1 bar and im...
  7. S

    Help!! with Lukewarm Radiators

    Hi I will be grateful for any suggestions on a way forward Bought new 5 bed , 3 bath family house 10 years ago The hot water and heating was great, with great pressure in all 3 showers upstairs. Not individually pumped. Was fitted with BOILERMATE upstairs and a boiler downstairs in utility...
  8. C

    Radiator Problem: URGENT HELP NEEDED!

    Hello everybody, I have a very urgent problem and would be incredibly grateful for help! My wife and I are expecting our first baby on the Jan 19, and moved house on Dec 29. We had three radiators replaced: In our bedroom, the “first” baby’s room, and the “second” baby’s room (all upstairs)...
  9. R

    Removal of hydronic plinth heater

    I am in the process of renovating my kitchen and have come across a slight issue. After removing all the units I have found a hydronic plinth heater plumbed into the central heating system. To remove the heater would it be okay to simply remove the two pipes from the plinth heater unit and join...
  10. Paul mcgreevy

    Ideal mini C28 HE

    Got a problem on this ideal mini, at first would only fire on H/W for about 10 seconds boiler lit then would shut down, at first I thought overheat stat via the fault finding guide, I then tried linking it out still no C/H nor would boiler fire in H/W mode, so I put wires back on the stat, I...
  11. T

    Radiator valves leak when turned on

    Hi all, I've just moved in to a rented 3 storey house which has 12 radiators run from a Baxi 80e combi boiler. When we moved in the plumber said that the boiler or the pump wasn't good enough to heat all 12 radiators so we decided to turn off all the radiators apart from those on the ground...
  12. D

    Honeywell changed but heating won't come on without hot water being on

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help. I've just moved into my first own home and am trying to get things sorted out. The issue is with having to have the hot water on for the heating to work. I've had this issue before in my old place and it was usually the Honeywell 3 port valve that gets...