1. Jackwoodhouse18

    Condensation or leak in loft?

    Hi, Since moving into my house last year I’ve had a constant problem in the colder months with my felt being wet through on the underside and droplets of water dripping onto my insulation. I have had a gable vent fitted, lap vents installed, ridge vent fitted and the house already has vents in...
  2. T

    Need help on RSJ condensation

    Hello, today I've seen some patches on plasterboards and it was getting wet without any leakage. Upon further investigation, condensation on steel beems were seen.. before plastering it over, please can someone recommend what it needs to be done? (Appreciate if you can give me a name or link to...
  3. sammerz

    Garage conversion floor / wall detail

    Hello, I am designing my detached garage conversion, it’s a single skin brick building on a solid raft slab. I’ve had a look on multiple previous posts and cannot find a specific answer. I’ve post here and in the ‘building’ forum, not sure which is best. I am need of advice at the wall/floor...
  4. G

    Can condensation from water mains rot joists ?

    Hi, My water main has a lot of condensation, I am wondering if that drips down to the floor joists it can cause it to rot?
  5. V

    Plumbing bath into boiler condensate drain?

    Hi First time poster here. Looking to renovate old bathroom on 1st floor of 1950s semi and want to relocate bath to a different corner. Is it possible to plumb the bath drain into the condensate drain pipe fitted for a combi boiler? It's a 1.5 inch PVC pipe which runs out of the external wall...
  6. G

    Bosch tumble dryer not collecting condensate

    Hi, looking for some help, I have a Bosch Classix 7 tumble dryer model WTE84106GB/48 and recently I noticed that no condensate is being collected in the drawer. Otherwise it appears to work but presumably isn’t drying as quickly or as efficiently as before. The dryer is almost 5 years old now...
  7. M

    Ideal H15 F2 fault caused by condensate flue collector.

    Since moving into our new home, with a 3 year old Ideal H15 boiler, around changes in the weather our boiler always seems to fault an F2. In Feb when we had frost and snow our boiler made gurgling noises before packing up, and the boiler man came cleaned it up and blew a pipe to clean out the...
  8. L


    Hi everyone we recently purchased our first home - a lovely three bed Edwardian semi in need of some work. I am looking for some advice on mould. we have noticed a few areas of damp. 1) The interior outside wall in the kitchen. There is no extractor fan, no heating and a poorly fitted back...
  9. A

    Condensate pipe poking out of wall (not connected to drain)

    Hi, I had a boiler installed in my first floor flat and the engineer has left the condensate pipe sticking out of the wall by a few inches - it doesn’t connect anywhere. He says it can just drip into the earth below. Does that sound right?
  10. J

    Leak from water meter

    hi in May we had a leak from the water meter Yorkshire water came and fixed it. It’s recently started again (they say condensation) we went on holiday Monday I turned the water off and put a pot underneath. We got home yesterday and the pot was full and overflown. Yorkshire water have been out...
  11. D

    Do we really need a soak away??

    we're having a new combo boiler fitted (a Worcester Bosch CDI) into our garage (boiler was previously in the kitchen). The boiler engineer has said we'll need a soak away fitted into the drive (tarmac sloped drive) to take the boiler condensate... Yet I've been onto a number of drains &...