1. R

    Vaillant VR920 setup issue

    Hi. First post but I have read quite a bit of advice in this forum to get to where I am. I replaced. VR66/2 with a VR70 and added a VRC700f/4 as the control unit and thermostat. All works fine. I now want to add the VR920 Internet gateway. it’s connected to the eBus. When I go through setup...
  2. I

    Multiple waste pipes

    Hi, I would appreciate your opinions on the best way to proceed with the waste pipes in my bathroom. I've attached photos of the current layout inside and outside. As you can see everything at the moment is lead, which I guess means it was done 50 or so years ago. Pipe 1 is from the basin and...
  3. V

    Simple pinned connection or moment resisting?

    Hi everyone, sorry for the second post in one day. I am currently looking to install an RSJ and steel column in my house in place of a load bearing wall. My question is in regards to how structural engineers normally model the connections. See diagram below: Screenshot 2021-03-25 At 14.42.00...
  4. S

    Change direction of kitchen sink waste connection.

    Hi, I need some advice on the best way to trim this pipe and make a new connection. See photos 1614973979567652728988918164331 by Sam Burrows posted 5 Mar 2021 at 7:53 PM 16149739480391495695415063939701 by Sam Burrows posted 5 Mar 2021 at 7:53 PM We're in a flat on the first floor so can't...
  5. marwilpur

    16A oven on 13A plug?

    I’m having a pair of new ovens installed during a kitchen refit and I’m a little confused about how my electrician has decided to connect them. The ovens are Neff B57CS24N0Bs and are rated at 3.45kW. They came with cables naked 16A/230V and the instruction require them to be hardwired to an...
  6. M

    Structural steel connection help needed

    Hi, I need some help with a connection between an HSS and an HEB steel column. I would like to go with the solution on the left, but since it is impossible to use a classic bolt+nut connection, how could it be solved? Expansion bolts or threaded top plate on the HSS column? Thanks a lot!
  7. Podgkin

    Beok BOT313WiFi connection to Bosch 24CDi? (no thermostat connected)

    Installed a Beok WiFi product to the undefloor heating and thought I should get another WiFi-enabled controller for the combi boiler! :mrgreen: Having both units on one 'app' would make it easy for the OH. ;) Looking at the details the Beok has the following: And my combi has: What connects...
  8. H

    How to Fit a Shower

    I am having issues mounting a handheld shower adaptor. Essentially the threaded male water connector for the handheld shower is not as long as that of the fixed shower (see photo below - the handheld shower adaptor is the shorter thread). This means that I do not have enough thread to...
  9. P

    How to repair pond pump cable?

    I'm in the happy position of having to connect together two halves of a pond pump's electricity cable. It got cut. Some details:- Otter 3000 pump. The cable is the standard factory fitted 3 core 0.75mm² rubber cable. The cable measures approximately 7mm in diameter. It's not armoured. The...
  10. B

    Worcester DT10RF losing connection

    I have disassembled the room thermostat/controller cleaned the contacts with fine wire wool and replaced the batteries with new ones. I have tried things like swapping the left and right battery trays. However, the only way I can get the connection back is if I power down the BOILER (thus...
  11. T

    Range Tribune HE expansion valve - increase pressure

    Hi everyone, I've found a few articles on this site regarding a Range Tribune HE heating system with and expansion valve and instructions of how to increase the pressure, but they all refer to having a connection near the vessel which I do not have (as shown in the picture). I have connected...