1. CKbuilds

    Decking joists?

    Hello all, so I’m building a small 2.4x2.4 deck this weekend, I’m having a debate with my self about joist sizes. Wickes have got an offer on at the minute so 3x2 (70x45mm) is currently £4.50 per 2.4 length. Would this be strong enough for a low level deck? I’m planning on spacing joists at 30cm...
  2. T

    Smooth deck boards - which way up to avoid cupping?

    Extremely confusing 50 / 50 split as to what is the right way to lay decking boards. As I'm researching, it seems to depend on the type of timber and level of moisture content... I will be using kiln dried larch. Leaning towards installing bark side up, but is that right? Pressure treated...
  3. G

    Wooden deck on composite subframe

    Hi, I have a concrete slab in my garden which I’d like to put a deck on. I’m thinking about building a composite subframe, which I’ll drill into the concrete, and then laying timber decking on top. My thinking is that a composite subframe won’t rot down if water sits on the concrete, but I...
  4. T

    Deck footing

    I'm building a deck that's attached to my house (50cm high at it's highest point). I'd like it to last as long as possible so instead of burying the uprights in the ground, I'm looking at putting them in shoes (pictured) which go 20cm into cubes of concrete, 30cm deep and 30cm across, and none...
  5. R

    Composite expansion gaps

    Hi all I installed a 9m x 6m composite decking in my garden. When I installed 18 months ago the expansion gaps were 3mm and perfect. Now they are all uneven (see pic). What should i do to fix this to ensure it doesn't happen again? Any help would be appreciated! :)
  6. D

    How to support cls frame for ply floor - and how many supports?

    Car port being domesticated, it's conc. base has a couple of coats of Sikha Rapid DPM plus membrane. I was thinking of using decking pedestals but how was it done prior to these arriving on the scene? Do I just masonry bolt lots of short CLS bearers/feet down and chock/brace off these? What...
  7. I

    base for Timber decking frame

    I'm preparing the groundwork for a timber decking frame but I don't have much height as I'm keeping it level with my newly installed patio. The ground has already been dug off and filled with MOT so is compact. I have started to channel out small trenches so I can concrete in 3x2 treated timber...
  8. B

    Build new deck against fence?

    Folks I was looking to build a deck tight into a corner where there is an existing fence. this is a stupid question but I can’t work out how I would put a post right into that corner and attach the sides of the frame to it - as there will be no clearance at the back to drive in the screws...
  9. M

    Best way to repair this decking

    Hey all please could somebody and flies on how best to fix this decking board Thanks Martyn 16259977221796050698775310637744 by Martynrbell posted 11 Jul 2021 at 11:02 AM 16259976962678897938843147042144 by Martynrbell posted 11 Jul 2021 at 11:02 AM
  10. W

    Flush level deck

    Hi all, I've added a deck at the bottom of the garden - it is flush with the turf (I dug out earth to a depth of 40mm ) and looks alright, maybe even worth all the back breaking work LOL! Anyways, my question is this... I have used 2 coats of No-nonsense decking oil, looks okay and rainwater...
  11. D

    I'm an idiot. Timber decking laid without gaps. Help!

    I know this is bad. Really bad. I'm a grade-A idiot. Hopefully the worst DIY mistake I ever make. I just got done laying 6m x 4.8m of decking onto joists without leaving gaps between. I put three nails in each board - one either side and one in the middle. The nails are ring shank, I think. I...
  12. R

    How to prolong rot in a decking sub-base

    I found some rot in my decking which I laid about 15 years ago but when I took a couple of the lengths up the frame underneath was in quite a poor state. Rotten in places and heavily black stained and damp in others. I've decide to completely renew but wonder how to protect the subframe from...
  13. M

    Laying decking on an old raised patio

    We have a very tired and uneven raised patio of approx 40m2 in our garden that goes from the kitchen down to a retaining wall with steps. Initially we planned to install a new patio including the rebuilding of the retaining wall as it has sunk a inch or two on one side. Not including the...
  14. K

    Raised decking over existing patio, footings?

    Hi guys, Our garden is currently two tiered. Grass furthest from the house then a raised (~500mm) patio made up of 600x600 concrete flags adjacent to the house We need to install a small raised deck roughly 3400x1200x600 (WxDxH) to provide access to the back door. I am struggling for a...
  15. L

    Decking joist screw hole repair

    Hi, I’ve got a joist which has taken too many screw holes now. Whats the best way to fill them without taking the board off? Or is it a case of replace the part of the joist?
  16. J

    Outdoor power supply

    Hi Im new to this forum, hopefully im in the right area for this. Ok, so i need power outdoors to power some decking lights (16 x 0.6w) and a pond fountain, which i believe was around 400w- may be wrong there but its definitely a very small amount. So, i have no power in that area. Closest...
  17. R

    Composite decking expansion gaps

    For anyone that has installed composite decking... What expansion gaps do you leave and does it depend on what temperature you are installing them in on that day?
  18. DMH153

    Fixing shed base to decking

    Hi, am planning to build a 10x8 workshop/shed onto newly installed decking which levels out sloping ground. The decking frame is solidly built so should be ok but I am not clear as to how I should attach the bottom frame/joists to the decking, conscious of the potential for expansion or...
  19. R

    Advice on attaching deck frame on sloped wall

    I need to attached my ground level timber frame for decking to a sloped wall. How would i do this without making contact and the timber rotting from the rain? any help would be appreciated
  20. M

    Something about decking

    hi all. I’m planning on building a additional small deck at the end of the garden as it’s where the last bit of the sun is. It currently grass. I was going to dig down ,level the ground and then use slabs just under the timbers to stop them sitting in the mud. Would this be ok or should I do a...