dry rot

  1. D


    Hi guys, I looked at a house today, it has a great layout and great potential for a really nice home for myself. However, there are some exposed woodwork that doesn’t look good to me. What are your opinions please?
  2. L

    Help! Fungi from under floor - is it wet or dry rot?

    Hello, We have had some damp issues on one of our walls, which we think was neighbouring guttering pouring onto our wall. We think that was the issue, and the gutter was cleared. However i can now see some fungi growing from under the floor. Does anyone know what fungi this is? Is it wet or...
  3. R

    Possible woodworm/rot/mould?

    Hello, I was looking in the loft of a 1900s house we've recently moved to, and noticed some tracks in the rafters that look like some kind of wood boring insect (images attached) - is that correct and is it possible to tell if old or recent? There's insulation below the beams so difficult to...
  4. J

    Dry rot

    Hi there I am getting professionals to look at this but wondered if anyone could give me an indication in the meantime. Does this look like dry rot to you? Apologies for the poor quality photos, it's the best I can do with my phone camera. Note the fine cobweb-like strands and some...
  5. C

    Dry rot or not

    Hi all Hoping someone can advise! I’ve recently moved into an 1890s terrace with a deep subfloor void. Before purchasing I asked the seller to instruct a full subfloor survey (October 2020). Wet and dry rot was found and treated (December 2020) In various places. I’ve just been down there...
  6. D

    Rotting wood and mould

    In the 21 years I have lived in this house, there has always been a problem with black and white mould and damp. When we moved in we found a damp course certificate (now well expired) for treatment around the fireplace area. I am now finding the skirting adjacent to the fireplace has gone all...
  7. L

    Condition of sub floor timbers - help please!

    Hi everyone, Our Victorian ground floor flat has a number of walls with damp issues. We recently changed our carpets and that allowed me to pop a few of the original floorboards up to have a look at the condition of the sub floor - I’m super worried about dry rot and other sinister issues...
  8. oursurveysaid

    Wet/Dry Rot Hyphae in Chimney?

    Can anyone tell what these fine grey strands are in my chimney flue? There was wet and dry rot in this house when I bought it, but the ground floor timbers have all been replaced with pressure treated ones, and isolated from the masonry with a plastic DPC. The timbers have a moisture content of...
  9. F

    Wood rot on outdoor window frame advice please!

    We recently found a large patch of wet rot on one of our outdoor frames, which has been looked at and we've been told the whole frame probably needs replacing because of where it is... so that's fine. We also found some smaller patches on our other window frames, of soft, flaky wood. These...
  10. robodelfy

    Is this dry rot, what can I do?

    Years ago I had a window that was falling apart in my bathroom. I got it replaced with a PVC window and the guy didn't mention anything about the state of the wood around the window. Now I'm renovating the bathroom and I've found the wood under the window is soft and crumbly. Is this dry rot...
  11. M

    Dry rot? Or efflorescence on plastered wall after damp?

    Hello, Could someone please help me identify what this could be? I had a leaking pipe in my utility room- for a very long time. It was under the laminate floor and went unnoticed. This is now fixed. In the utility room I also use a condenser, which leaked allot. This no longer gets used...
  12. KDMcM

    Does this look like dry rot?

    Hi. I've recently lifted the carpet which the previous owner installed in my house. To my surprise, there were some really nice looking floorboards. My wife would like them sanded and varnished. Unfortunately, I found some spindly arms apparently growing up between some boards. At a glance...
  13. Y

    MDF floorboards

    Hello, I have just had some floorboards up in a bedroom, to inspect the pipes there under and the original timber floorboards are in bad shape. The person below was also complaining of squeaking boards; the original floorboard nails have been in and out a dozen times I would guess, and some non...
  14. H

    Dry rot?

    Hi all I bought a 1960s property and in the process of a bit of rennovation. Lifted the floor boards in our living room and saw a bit of growth on the party wall. I think it may be efflorescence as it's whispy and has a soft shine but I want to make sure it's not dry rot. See picture...