1. L

    Brown liquid from extractor fan, unable to insulate duct - help!

    As winter months have hit, our extractor fan has begun splurting out brown liquid. We have put this down to condensation. Unfortunately the duct runs up through the loft, and our loft space is fully insulated with no walking space, so we're not really able to insulate it. Also, it goes up...
  2. S

    Sealing around a duct

    Hi, what would be the best way to seal around this ducting? My extractor fan is connected to it and it lets in colde air. Thanks
  3. C

    Bathroom exhaust to old Ridge/Flue vent?

    Currently in the final steps of renovating a late '70s/early '80s Bungalow. The property originally had a warm air heating system powered by a gas boiler which was vented through the loft space via a 125mm flue and out of a vented ridge tile in the roof. The old warm air heating system has been...
  4. S

    Can I add inline extractor/booster?

    Hi, I have a bathroom extractor fan connected a long run of ducting and it's not doing the trick. Can anyone see it causing a problem if I split the ducting and added an inline extractor - or a duct extractor booster - to give it enough oomph? Not sure if there's going to issues with...
  5. R

    How to replace a kitchen hood duct

    My 350m3/h cooker hood is 4.5m from the exterior wall, and is currently connected to an exterior vent with 100mm aluminium ducting inside a bulkhead. I'd like to have better extraction, 500m3/h or more, and it seems like I need 150mm duct for higher powered hoods. Unfortuately the floor has been...
  6. K

    Two flat vent channel ductings through one external hole

    Hi All Is it fine to run two rectangular 204x60 channel ductings (one on top of the other) through a single external hole as shown in the enclosed drawing? Drilling a second hole is not possible. The two flat channels each 204x60 would go through single rectangular hole 204x120 and would be...
  7. B

    Ducting question

    Hi, I'm planning to bury some 50mm ducting under my drive to carry SWA (two circuits) and x3 external CAT6 cables. The run is only about 6 meters under a gravel driveway. Each end will terminate at a brick wall (my garage and garden wall). While unlikely I'll need to use it again, I'll include...
  8. A

    Airbrick position with ducting tube

    Hello all, I need some help and advice: A building control officer has recommended a builder to use 6" high timber frame joists to be used with 100mm insulation inside the frame as the proposed suspended timber frame joist of 4" high isn't strong enough for the underfloor heating, because of...
  9. A

    Exhaust/Duct advice for Cooker Hood

    Hi I purchased a Candy CCE116/1X Cooker Hood and I wanted some advice on the ducting/exhaust. I read the manual that said it requires a 150mm duct, which is fine. The problem I have is the hood will go against an internal wall (see pic) and the only bit of external wall is to the far left of...
  10. L

    Air bricks on bathroom exterior wall

    I have a ducting pipe connects to an exhaust fan that goes all the way touching air bricks to let the steam out of the shower. Would I need to remove the air bricks and put a duct grill or air bricks would do the job? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. K

    Mould in extractor fan ducting

    Hi, There's a mouldy smell in my shower room, and I think it may be coming from the extractor fan. I removed the cover and cleaned around the motor and blades, which were pretty black, but I couldn't reach into the ducting. First, I'd like to know if mould in extractor fan ducting is a thing...
  12. DerMitchie

    Flat channel ducting through flat roof joist

    I have a simple question, to which I have been getting conflicting answers: Can I cut a section out of a flat roof joist to run through some ducting? Happy for it to be flat channel. The rafters are 170mm. I've seen some info but think it's about floor boards: I have seen enforcement...
  13. B

    Reroute ductwork for larger cold water storage tank?

    I’m looking to install a pump (Stuart Turner Monsoon or Salamander) to boost hot water pressure all around a 3-bed maisonette, which is very poor currently. The pump manufacturer specifies a minimum of 50 gallons cold water storage for a single bathroomed house, which would mean having to get a...
  14. A

    How to put Extractor Ducting Under Screed

    Hi, please can someone help me here. I’ve had my garage converted to a kitchen. Floor was lower in the garage compared to the level of the existing house. Anyway, I am having an island with a downdraft extractor. I have UFH installed and the builder has forgotten to put in the ducting for the...
  15. K

    Ceiling Leak: Ventilation pipe?

    Hello, Unexpectedly, my house bathroom's ceiling started leaking during the heavy rainy spell we got 2 weeks ago. As I am abroad, my neighbour went in to inspect the leak. He believes the leak is due to the extractor fan and the ventilation pipes. The pipe opening is through the roof which is...
  16. S

    duct for extractor fan

    Not sure this is the right place for it but thought id try Installing a pvc rigid duct for an extractor fan and it has to manourver through a small enough void between a support wall and subfloor. Rather than getting some fittings to try and maneuver it through with 90 degrees or 45 degrees or...
  17. B

    Tumble dryer ducting

    Hi I have to install a vented tumble dryer about 3 meters from the external wall where the vent is located The ducting has to run behind kitchen cabinets and so there is restricted space . Is it ok to use the flat rectangular ducting as opposed to the circular type? Will this cause any issues...
  18. T

    150mm cooker hood duct, is a reducer very noisy? + duct material

    Hi all, we have a second hand Britannia cooker hood which comes with an outlet which is 150mm diameter. The external diameter of the duct is 160/162mm and we are struggling to find someone to core it for us, as hire places usually go only up to 6" in size (150mm). Industrial corers can do it...
  19. J

    Kitchen Extraction Questions (inline in ceiling void?)

    I'm renovating an old house & so have access to the ceiling void to run duct from the fairly central cooker to the back wall (~5.60m) Why don't the joists run the other way! I will run 150mm duct and am planning to fit a Manrose MF100 inline fan around half way along the run. Is there a...
  20. B

    Extractor hood duct - to reduce or to elbow?

    Hi All, Lots of helpful discussion in previous threads, but my question is now specific. Background: I have just redone my kitchen. In an effort to do all the dirty work up front I drilled the core hole for the extractor hood pre-plastering. 120mm straight (slight angle down) through two skins...