earth bonding

  1. M

    How do I test if my house wiring is earthed properly

    I was working under my kitchen sink this morning where my earth bonding to my incoming water main is and I noticed that when the mains water pipe goes through the bottom of the cabinet it chances from iron to MDPE pipe. That can't be right can it? I have a multimeter, can I use that to find...
  2. Jim Rat

    Valliant Turbomax Plus 828e intermittent F.22 NEW EASY FIX

    Hi Folks, Being a long time "sufferer" of the elusive Turbomax F22 Fault I've set up an account here just to post my as of yet seemingly un-published fix! Posting it here because over the years this site keeps popping up as the closest anyone's got to suggesting but rarely completely resolving...
  3. R

    Earth bonding cut for water meter

    We recently had a water meter installed by the stopcock where the water supply enters the house. The installer cut the original earth cable that was attached and replaced it with a thinner one. The original cable came from under the floorboards and presumably was connected to the consumer unit...
  4. R

    Gas supply earth bonding

    Having a new house built where gas meter box is some 10 metres away from consumer unit, but next to electric meter box which feeds consumer unit by sub main. I understand gas supply needs earth bonding within 600mm of incoming supply, does earth bonding need to be run back to the consumer unit...
  5. J

    Loose earth bond

    I was replacing my washing machine at the weekend, and noticed one end of the earth bond was tucked behind the back wooden plate under my kitchen sink, not attached to anything. I have no idea if it's come loose whilst removing the old machine, or if it's been like this for longer. I have 2...
  6. F

    Exporting tt earth

    Evening all, just a quick question, I've been looking at this subject quite a bit now can anybody give me some hard evidence requarding exporting a earth to a out building, I've heard so many diffrent things like you shouldn't connect a pme earth to a outbuilding earthing terminal and all sorts...
  7. G

    Earth wire connections

    I want to connect 6mm Earthwire from a bathroom into one of the bathroom power circuits as it must not be taken back to a Consumer board. I have a 20 amp junction box # with cables fitted for the bathroom and the 6mm is too large to fit into the Earth terminal in that box. Is it acceptable to...