electric boiler

  1. KevinRussell

    How to calculate cost of Electric CH Boiler

    Hi Hyporthetical question: If I replaced my Gas CH Boiler with an Electric CH Boiler, how much would my Electric bill be? How do I calculate, using my existing gas usage, how much the equivalent Electric usage would cost? Any pointers would be great, Kevin
  2. Dpicker1

    Santon Premiere Plus Boiler HELP

    Hi we just moved to England and this is the boiler we have in our new apartment. A month has gone by, got our energy bill and it’s £350. Convinced we’ve got this on the wrong setting. Please help us!Image by Dpicker1 posted 11 Apr 2021 at 10:24 PM
  3. G

    High usage using Off-peak electric

    Hi everyone, was hoping for some expertise. I have no knowledge of anything in this post so please don’t laugh at me lol. Moved into a new flat (2 bed all electric no gas) and we have an economy 7 meter set up with an off peak system for the boiler and heating. I’ve never used this before and...
  4. F

    Looking for recomendation - Gas vs Electric heating

    Hi, I'll prefix all this with, whatever solution I go for, I will be getting qualified tradesmen to do it for me. I live in a 3 bed, 2 bathroom apartment that currently has a gas boiler with a storage water tank. This setup is 30 years old, and the boiler is a Ideal Mexico Super 2 CF80. The...
  5. P

    Electric boiler for hot water only, and removing all radiators

    Hi, The house I am buying is a 2 bed mid terrace, and is not on the gas network. The gas combi-boiler is run off LPG cylinders, and provides both hot water and heating. This is a direct system, and there is no storage tank. I am planning to go solar at some point in the future, and I want to...
  6. S

    Water underfloor heating system, using an electric boiler?

    I want install underfloor heating (UFH) and, apparently, because of the wooden floor boards we can’t use an electric UFH system, so we have to use a water system. But I don’t have a gas boiler to make hot water. There are electric boilers which apparently- according to google- will be ok for...
  7. A

    Mains water off, electric water heater left on

    Hi, i hope someone could help but my friends mind at ease. She is panicking because she has gone on holiday and turned the mains water off but her electric boiler is still on. Its on a timer and set to heat up the water in the tank every night. She is worried that with the water heating up...