elite 48

  1. N

    Texecom premier Elite 48 - cant get Smartcom code

    I have a Texecom Premier Elite panel that was at software version 2.x. I decided I wanted to be able to use the new Texecom Connect app and so decided to do 3 things: 1. I bought the cable and flasher interface to enable me to use my laptop to upgrade software to firmware 6.2. According to...
  2. N

    Upgrading Texecom premier elite 48 panel

    I am after some advice. I installed my current premier elite system in 2016 and used a comwifi module to enable me to use Wintex and the ios app. I would like to upgrade the Elite 48 panel from firmware 2.11 to the latest v5. I will also replace the comwifi with a smartcom. So I have a few...
  3. C

    M12 detectors

    Ive been rooting around looking for favoured ways to wire M12's to a texecom 48 panel, i found the manual, below.. courtesy of @gingerangles. https://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/wiring-manvier-m12.546783/. can anyone tell me the best way to wire to an elite 48, do i need to use EOL .i was...
  4. C

    Ac Induction question

    hello again, Im aware of ac induction within Alarm cables, is this something that you would pick up indefinitely if alarm cables are anywere near ac cables. im only asking because my 8 core alarm cables are all segregated away from ac , other than were i need to take them accross to the Elite...
  5. Skylar

    Texecom Premier Elite 48 vs Elite 64-W?

    Hi Newbie to the forum! Hoping you great people can help me out with a few queries on Texecom alarm systems. Planning to self install the following: House Texecom Premier Elite control panel Texecom Connect SmartCom Ethernet/Wifi Communicator Texecom Premier Elite SMK Keypad (wired) Texecom...