Upgrading Texecom premier elite 48 panel

11 Oct 2009
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United Kingdom
I am after some advice. I installed my current premier elite system in 2016 and used a comwifi module to enable me to use Wintex and the ios app.

I would like to upgrade the Elite 48 panel from firmware 2.11 to the latest v5. I will also replace the comwifi with a smartcom. So I have a few questions about the process.

1. Is there any way I can avoid having to remove the batteries from my external and internal sounders before I start? The internal sounder is fine but the external sounder will require the ladder!!

2. My 32XP wireless expander is at firmware 2.1.2 - can it be upgraded to v3.0 and if not what restrictions will there be sticking with v2.1.2. I want to move from the old app to the new one and possibly use a couple of texecom wireless plugs.

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Wireless expander can’t be upgraded
As for sounders just put the supply on the control panel battery while you flash the panel
Firstly as pointed out you cant flash upgrade the wireless expander.
If you want to use the smart plugs then i would upgrade the expander.

Flashing form an earlier panel version (2/3/4 to a 5) you may experience issues with the wireless devices, so would look at relearning from scratch, you will have to do that if you are to replace the expander anyway.

As for limitation with exiting panel and flashing to a newer panel.

Version 3 as manufactured (hardware changes) allowed the speech module to be used with a com 2400, given com2400 use a pstn line cant see that being mega want for you as pstn is being phased out.

As for the wireless expanders the version 3 had a hardware modification to use the wireless keypad, the current version 3 expanders have been around a while.

for flashing panel up you would need usbcom and premier elite flasher, to use the smart com you can create a free Texecom cloud account, you can currently remote flash upgrade on the free account.

My honest opinion, is look at comparing New system to upgrading parts, wiping your old one and flog it on ebay to recover the costs.

It depends on what you have in your home as to whether it is worth selling that on ebay and replacing with new and getting 2 year warranty etc etc and off setting the cost.

you will need a flasher module to flash up the panel and a usb com if you don't have one, plus new 32XP-W.

My suppliers are telling me that some of the Texecom products will be having a price rise as of 1st April, it is a significant price rise, but lots of companies have been increasing prices lately.
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Thanks both

New expander it is then. Re the option to flog old system its probably not going to cost in as I have already purchased the Texecom flasher and cable. I have also purchased the Smartcom. So in summary, if I buy a new expander (V3) then it I'll have to relearn everything anyway. So it will feel a bit like a new install.

One question: once I've installed Smartcom does that mean I can use the cloud for all future firmware upgrades or only minor firmware changes? if so I can then sell the flasher and cable on eBay along with the v2 expander and Comwifi.

Many thanks both for your very quick response.
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As it stands even on a free account you can flash upgrade the Elite panel (V5 onwards) and smart com, I can not say if that will ever change.

The com wifi will need defaulting not sure if you will get much for the comwifi module to be honest.

You are pretty much going to have to relearn if you flash the panel up new expander or not.
before flashing i would delete all the wireless devices off, this will save you some potential grief later.

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