1. N

    Texecom premier Elite 48 - cant get Smartcom code

    I have a Texecom Premier Elite panel that was at software version 2.x. I decided I wanted to be able to use the new Texecom Connect app and so decided to do 3 things: 1. I bought the cable and flasher interface to enable me to use my laptop to upgrade software to firmware 6.2. According to...
  2. J

    Texecom Wintex Issue

    I have 3 different Premier Elite 64 systems installed. I added a smartcom connected via cat5 to all of them. Everything was working fine, Wintex and Texecom app, but recently when I try to login via wintex using "connect via smartcom", it asks for my 6 -digit texecom connect app code which i...
  3. N

    Upgrading Texecom premier elite 48 panel

    I am after some advice. I installed my current premier elite system in 2016 and used a comwifi module to enable me to use Wintex and the ios app. I would like to upgrade the Elite 48 panel from firmware 2.11 to the latest v5. I will also replace the comwifi with a smartcom. So I have a few...
  4. S

    Can Wintex connected via IP but not smartcom

    Hi, I've installed a Premier Elite 24 with smartcom LAN/wifi. Everything has been working ok but recently when I try to login via wintex using "connect via smartcom", it asks for my 6 -digit texecom connect app code. I've generated the code on the panel and entered it, but then I get error...
  5. P

    Texecom Smartcom

    My wifi provider was changed, so I am trying to connect my Smartcom to the new Wifi Connection so that I can reconnect my app. However, I am getting a “no internet connection” message (as seen on the screenshot below) when I’m trying to connect to Smartcom. I am unable to connect to the...
  6. Skylar

    Texecom Connect SmartCom Setup Issue - Premier Elite 64-W

    Hi all I bought a Texecom Premier Elite 64-W system to install myself and specifically chose Texecom for their SmartCom and app functionality. It appears V1 of the Texecom Connect app is being retired and possibly already disabled for new registrations, as I receive an "Access to this system...
  7. J

    Texecom premier elite - kit list check

    Hi all, I'm looking to install a Texecom premier elite system as I hear a lot of good things about them, and it seems like a lot of pro installers use them which is a big thumbs up in my opinion. Before I share my kit list, a couple of things worth pointing out. Firstly, I'm reasonably...
  8. C

    Fire / smoke detectors

    Hello all. I'm looking at fitting 4 detectors to my alarm system which is a texecom prem elite 24. Non richochet. Can any one recomend a particular detector. TBH been looking through. And installation manual says 2 wire detectors. And all I can find is 4 wire detectors. Hope you can help
  9. B

    Texecom Smartcom Tamper Alert

    Hello, Been using these forums as a guest for quite a while and really appreciate all the advice. I have a Texecom Premier Elite System (64-w) installed and triggered a tamper alert from the Smartcom unit as I opened the cover whilst rerouting the ethernet cable and not being logged in in...
  10. D

    Texecom SmartCom - JP1 & JP2 bit

    Hi all, I did search for this without success. I just installed a SmartCom (all working really simple) but have a bit left over! See below. As the SmartCom is all working I was wondering what this bit is for. I'm sure it's useful else it wouldn't have been included in the SmartCom box...
  11. D

    texecom smartcom

    Hi sorry this is probably a noob question, I have the premier elite 64 with the smartcom setup. Smartcom connects to 2 serial ports and shows up in the communication options panel on com port 1 and com port 2. neither has an IP address, comport 1 (smartcom) is dhcp wifi I believe, I was just...
  12. S

    Show IP address - Texecom Premier Elite

    Hi, My first post here. I tried seaching the forum but couldn't get a match on my issue. I'm installing a Premier Elite 24 with smartcom LAN/wifi. I have setup the smartcom by following these instructions: I would...
  13. W

    Texecom Connect SmartCom - notifications missing name

    Hi there, I have successfully installed a Texecom Elite 64W Ricochet with SmartCom and it is working very well with notifications sent correctly to my iPhone. What is odd is I must have missed a setting on the panel - as the notifications are always missing a word - it says things like...
  14. Scooterboy67

    I have a Texecom Premier Elite 48 panel and want to add the Smartcom CEL-0001 Wifi unit.

    Hi, in order to install the above device, I need to upgrade the firmware. I bought the cable I thought was required, but can't work out how to do it. Can anyone direct me to any instructions for doing this please. I have downloaded the wintex software and would appreciate any guidance please?
  15. B

    Telecom premier fault chirp

    Hi all!! I have a smartcom, premier elite 24, and my broadband has been down for 4 days now, intermittently coming back up with a fix ETA of another few days. Is there any way to disable fault chirp via RKP to avoid it bleeping at ridiculous o clock in the morning? I have a RKP in my bedroom ...
  16. S

    Texecom SmartCom Arming Isssue

    Hi guys, I have recently purchased and set-up a SmartCom box. The installation went smoothly and I used to extra com port they provide so I am still able to use my GSM device for notifications. The issues I am having arrise from the actual app itself. For example, when I arm the system from...
  17. B

    texecom premier elite stay arm change to part arm

    Hi folks Had a nightmare 24hrs with wintex corrupting settings on elite 24 panel via smartcom, gave a com1 error. Quite possibly user error, as after setting up the smartcom, I did not pull a fresh config from the panel, instead was editing a previous version prior to installing the smartcom so...