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24 Jan 2020
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United Kingdom

My first post here. I tried seaching the forum but couldn't get a match on my issue.

I'm installing a Premier Elite 24 with smartcom LAN/wifi. I have setup the smartcom by following these instructions:

I would like to connect via wintex, however, is it possible to see what IP address has been assigned from the keypad?

Thanks in advance!

Texecom Premier Elite 24
Texecom smartcom wifi and internet
Firmware 5.02.03
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Just wanted to add, I managed to pull the IP and mac address off my router, but am wondering if I can see this info directly on the keypad.
You can't see the Smartcom IP from the keypad. Mine is just populated with ""

I just use the "connect via Smartcom" option in Wintex to connect to the panel, then I have the option of connecting locally or away from home if I need to.
you can populate the ip address for the comip component and connect via its ip address however, the com ip is used for sending events out to the server, so without turning off the signalling you may find it difficult to connect via the com ip part of the smart com.

you can define the ip address in udl options, setup modules, but don't need to as you can connect via the smart com.
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I managed to connect successfully both with the ip address I pulled from my router and using smartcom. Happily programming my control panel via Wintex now!

Thanks both for the advice.
Please can you elaborate on your configuration. I too have a SmartCom and connect to it using WinTex, but would like to connect to it using the IP address (as this may lead to other things I want to try in future). I can not connect to the SmartCom via it's IP address on com2 though. How did you disable signalling as suggested by secureiam? Thanks
The issue is that com 2 sends out signals and the panel cant do both at the same time, if you connect via IP it will need either port forwarding or connecting to the internal ip address assigned which will be the ip address showing in your router for the smart com.
Thanks for the reply secureiam.

What I really want to do is learn about this system in order to integrate it in to a home automation project. I currently have a Premier Elite 64-W installed with a SmartCom. Everything is working perfectly, I can use WinTex to program the alarm and I can use the Texecom Connect App.

If I understand things correctly, what I could do, and what would be the best solution, would be to install a ComIP module on com3 (by connecting the ComPort+ board supplied with the SmartCom to the digicom connector). However, I don't really need the SmartCom/TexeCom Connect app and would like to avoid the expense of a ComIP module.

So what I would like to do is use the SmartCom as a ComIP module only. Many people seem to suggest this isn't really possible because the com port of the SmartCom is always used for signalling. However, your previous post suggests that configured correctly (i.e. disabling the SmartCom aspect) it is possible. I just can't figure it out :(

I have attached WinTex screenshots of my working SmartCom configuration. Any guidance on how to disable the SmartCom and enable ComIP IP address access would be appreciated. I will post other screenshots of configurations I have tried shortly.


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While talking this through and preparing screenshots, I think I may have found my issue. I was specifying the wrong IP address. It's always the simple things. I disabled the ARC1 protocol to disable signalling, and explicitly specified the SmartCom IP (as currently issued by router) to Com 2. New screenshot attached.


  • TexecomSmartComConfig2.png
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The smart com is cheaper than the comip and has wifi hard wired connections. (so no brainer)

There are several that have done integrations with home automation, the issue if using the smart com as intended, you would have to build in a means of traffic control in and out, or once setup turn off the ARC.

whilst I don't suggest you modify the smart com, so the power and the ip leads are together it should be possible so the ip module is the only effective working part, but don't know exactly what does what for certain, ie tamper for the smart com back to the panel reported back with the smartcom fly lead.

I am sure you could get a cable and modify the replacement cable so not having to worry about invalidating the warranty and only using the one port???
Thanks Secureiam,

I am still trying to fully understand the purpose of the SmartCom to be honest. I don't think physically rewiring the smartcom is necessary as the Arc can be disaaled leaving com2 available for ComIP communication.

The way I have it set up now is as per my most recent screenshots, so the ARC is disabled. I can still communicate with the panel using WinText via SmartCom. What I will be losing is the 'signalling' (notifications?) to the app and the cloud (?). As this is a domestic stand alone installation losing notifications sent to the cloud is not an issue (I don't have a subscription to Texecom Cloud yet - it's free for 12 months right now - so going to try it). And the app isn't great so no loss there either.
Technically only for installation companies is TCS available and they do check, the fees per panel free till July, the membership level don't know as previously the entry level was substantial and the higher level is still relatively high.

If you cant prove yourself as being an installer (get rejected), give us a buzz.

to be fair, its good for basic programming and health checks and has an online keypad, for ricochet its relatively useless currently, ie no ricochet monitor.

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