Upgrading Texecom Premier Elite via Texecom Cloud

10 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
I have a Texecom Premier Elite 24 which is currently running firmware version V5.01.03 LS1.

It is connected to a SmartCom which was running v03 firmware.

I have just used the Texecom Cloud Services (cloud.texe.com) to upgrade the SmartCom to v04.04.00.

I would now like to proceed with an upgrade to the panel firmware.

When I select 'Upgrade Firmware' on the Texecom Cloud Services website, I can choose from:
* p24_v6_05_02_LS1_OTA.bin (v6.05.02)
* p24_v6_03_02_LS1_OTA.bin (v6.03.02)
* p24_v6_02_02_LS1_OTA.bin (v6.02.02)
* p24_v6_02_02_LS1_OTA.bin (v6.02.02)
* p24_v6_01_11_LS1_OTA.bin (v6.01.11)
* Elite 24 V5.06.00 LS1 (V5.06.00)

When I select the v6.05.02 version, I am presented with the following message:

You have selected to upgrade the firmware on the Premier Elite panel which requires confirmation from the site.

Outputs relating to signalling and connected safety devices may activate during the upgrade. Please consider the implications of this: ie:
1. Ensure monitoring is 'on test'
2. Safety devices/sounders are disabled or disconnected on site.

Please note: Firmware upgrade should only be completed with the SmartCom connected via the Texecom supplied 60 cm cable.

Are you sure you wish to continue?

My questions:
1. Is there any reason NOT to upgrade to the latest version (v6.05.02) or things that I should consider as part of this upgrade?
2. Could someone please provide me with any guidance on how to put monitoring 'on test' and how to disable the sounders as the message above advises?

Thank you.
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If Texecom are to offer these services to end users they really should offer support for it.

1. If it goes belly up, do you have the means to flash up manually, do you have things backed up on wintex and you can ensure the cloud also has an upto date profile by reading panel, even if you don’t have paid options to change programming from the cloud.

2. The system isn’t monitored by an ARC if it’s a diy installation so you don’t need to put it on test.the point of placing it in test is so the ARC don’t panic.

3. Always upgrade smart com first (done), second is select the firmware appropriate.

As for firmware the Texecom forum may have more users expressing any issues for specific scenarios or equipment attached. not aware of any reported issues at the minute with latest firmware.
only seen it go belly up once and it took Texecom 4 hrs to sort it out to complete the upgrade and then another site visit for me to sort out a strange issue as a result of the forced upgrade, which required me to use wintex to straighten it out.

So it can go wrong and Texecom do have the solution to force it through now but not sure tech support are allowed and if it has to be referred to the cloud team to get resolved.

To be fair do loads without issue remotely, not sure of the cause being an issue with the Wi-Fi and an interrupted firmware upgraded.
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@secureiam Thank you for your response.

I agree with you that further support documentation and tutorial material from Texecom would be of great assistance to DIY users. This was my first time installing an alarm system (Premier Elite 24 wired installation for my own 6-bedroom house) and there were elements of the installation and setup where I would have been stuck if not for community forum support.

I don't own a flash cable, but I do my Wintex programming via the Smartcom connection and I have a backup of my settings. My installer account on Texecom Cloud also has a backup of the panel readings.

This morning I have proceeded with the firmware upgrade without disconnecting the sounders.

I tried to go to v6.05.02 but it complained that my panel's language is not supported by that version. I suspect that the v6 firmware may only support American English and not British English.

I resorted to only upgrading as far as V5.06.00 and can confirm that it worked fine.

I will re-investigate the v6.05.02 upgrade and the language issue when I have a bit more time.

Thanks again for your help.
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If you look in wintex what is the language code set to.

Many people don’t set the language in the panel correctly.

Each language set, has a group of languages assigned, UK panels come with LS1.

If setting language via the keypad.

Engineers code/ Global options/ system options/

Scroll down to languages press no and select with arrows English-UK
@secureiam Just looping back round to this thread to confirm what the issue was (and for the benefit of others finding this thread in the future):

I had the language set to English, but I actually needed another option: 'English - UK'.

Once I set that on the global options menu, the firmware upgrade to V6.05.03 LS1 was able to proceed and complete successfully.

Thanks for your help.
You would think a UK manufacturer would have English being UK English being default selected language in UK sold panels but bizarrely not the case.

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