Trying to update Texecom Premier Elite 64 firmware - UDL passcode error

9 Nov 2013
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United Kingdom
I have a Premier Elite 64 running on V5.00.03 LS1 Firmware and I'm trying to update it to the latest v5.06.00 LS1.

I have access to an Engineers/Installer's Texecom Cloud account, and via that when I goto Site Overview and choose Panel -> Upgrade Firmware, choose the new firmware and go to flash it, it downloads the firmware but then reports the below error message.


Why is it saying this, and what can I do about it? The flashing process doesnt ask for a UDL code.

I therefore assumed that the updater has some default UDL code hardcoded into it, so I changed the UDL code back to 1234 (the default? or is this wrong?) but the process still fails as above.

Anyone got any idea whats going on and how to solve it?

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The solution to my problem was I had to physically log in to the keypad using a Master account, this then allowed the Cloud upgrade to continue.

Also, it needs to be a "proper" master account - not sure exactly how to define this but my Master account had been modified to change its permissions slightly - stopping it working, so ensure it has the "right" Master permissions - whatever they may be
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The Master user is defined as user 01 that hasn't been changed so that it still sees its self as master and not custom or something else. Technically that isn't the udlpasscode but the error appears to have shown up because user needed to authorise and it couldn't as it didn't meet the set criteria of master user, makes sense why i hadn't seen the issue before.

In the cloud portal you can bypass user authentication if selected.
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Changed my 01 User from Custom to Master and as soon as I put the code into my alarm it asked me whether I wished to upgrade . All done running Firmware 6 & Smart Com V4
Just need to understand whether it is worth upgrading to the 4G Version of Smart Com now?
Do you know if this has an annual cost associated with it for the 4G connection and what it is ?
4g has a built in sim, if you have access to the cloud you should’ve able to get the prices in there.

that said I have no idea what’s going on as my rep keeps teling me end user cloud access is being stopped but that doesn’t appear to be the case but the cloud accounts now have a single, standard and gold and no idea what single(end users) I suspect have access to
I have only just set up a Cloud account and paid £7 for 12 Months of access and firmware updates per System.
This seems to be the only way to get updates now as they stopped all other downloads that use to be easily available on the Texecom Website
You have to take that up with Texecom to get the answers unfortunately.

I can tell you what we would charge for the 4G subscription but my understanding your 12 months wouldn’t be transferable.

there are two basic tariffs 1. Single path 4G only and dual path 2. Wi-Fi/ Hard wired and 4G

You have to have a cloud account to set it up.
Obviously there are issues with us offering access like you have now but currently you can use wintex. Although it can be done but would take up an installers allocation.

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