euro mini

  1. J

    Castle Euro Mini alarm problem. Please help.

    I moved into a house with a Euro mini alarm plus a pyronix v2 tel unit. Never had a problem with it, but we don’t actually use the alarm often. We came home to the internal speaker making a constant alarm and the main alarm panel showing error code 485 loss of Comms please wait. No buttons...
  2. C

    Pyronix Euro Mini Prox cannot be armed/set

    The system is installed in a 2017 new-build and comprises a Pyronix Euro Mini Prox, with Euro Mini control panel and MEQ Blue PIRs. The PIR/Detectors are connected as per DEoL configuration, with the zone wiring entering via the N/C terminal, passing through two resistors in serial (4k7, 2k2)...
  3. D

    Pyronix Euro Mini

    Hi, I'm looking for some help on this system if anyone can please. My friend just moved into a 5 year old property and this system was already installed . He has no manuals, just the user code. When the alarm is set off, the keypad sounds, the strobe flashes but the siren does not sound. I...
  4. Taylortwocities

    Pyronix Euro Mini Keypad code

    Greetings I have a Euro Mini. I want to change the Backlight Force option to OFF. I need to enter the Keypad menu to do this. Keypad seems to not recognise the code to enter the keypad menu. There are two keypads and both are the same. I press D and enter 2000 but nothing happens. The...
  5. R

    Euro Mini Hard Reset

    Hi All, I have recently got a Castle/Pyronix Euro Mini system where the original installer is no longer assisting me. I am trying to reset the system completely and then programme it myself - to allow the installation of extra sensors, and also to change some of the settings only available in...
  6. S

    Castle Euro Mini;Problems adding an additional RKP

    I'm having problems adding a second keypad to a castle euro mini. I've never done it before though I've installed several euros and the similar pyronix PCX systems without trouble. I installed the original system a few years ago without a problem using one RKP. Now I need to add another. I...