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    Eurosec Gardtech CP8L PGM1 options

    Hi, Does anyone know what each of the PGM1 modes on this system are ? Runing though I get: SW12V Pulse- Pulse+ Alarm Panic E/E Thanks
  2. P

    Alarm Eurosec CP8L Setup Part Set

    Hi All I’ve downloaded both manuals (Installation & User) but I can’t find how to setup the part set zones. I’m wanting to change the entry and exit zone when on part set as at the moment when we put it on part set the alarm instantly goes off when one of the zones picks us up. I still want...
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    Eurosec CPX Keypad

    I've moved into a new house with a Eurosec CPX system installed and I triggered a tamper alarm by knocking one of the PIR's. The keypad during alarm state says "!!ENTER CODE!! !!!!CHECK!!!!" However entering codes (or anything for that matter) at the keypad has no effect. The buttons beep but...
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    Euro Sec PR5648

    Hi. I’m having issues with my home alarm. It’s a Euro sec PR5648, I may have part set the downstairs without knowing as the alarm only triggers once I go upstairs, the lights on 2 of the 3 sensors downstairs are flashing but 1 is not, I changed the battery with no joy so I’m assuming I’ve part...
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    Eurosec LCD Keypad PR5648 showing squares

    Hi All, I have a Eursosec LCD panel in a tenant's apartment that's showing only grey squares. It used to work fine and I have the arm code. The keypad is in good condition and is lighting up so there's power etc. I'm handy with DIY and electrics a bit, but I am not an alarm engineer. Having a...
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    HELP default eur0sec cp8l????

    hello i need help resetting a eurosec cp8l i dont have the engineer code
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    New Alarm Box Please help What wire to cut

    HI, I have a Eurosec control panel and I am wiring up a new alarm box. The alarm box has Cut White wire for Tamper Cascade options. EOL Resistance Cut All Except Black link or Brown for 1K Green for 4K7. Do I need to cut any wires...