1. A

    Extending the landing

    Not sure this is the correct forum to post in but I’m just after some advice. Is it possible to extend the floor space of the landing? In my mind it seems a rather straightforward job. I know it’s a small gain but it would make a big difference to our (my wife’s) life. I have uploaded a photo...
  2. phykell

    Extending an existing garage/outbuilding under PD.

    Hi, I have an existing garage/outbuilding (in greenbelt and a conservation area) that I wish to extend. The extension would: 1. Be under 4m height (dual pitch roof), 2. 2.5m at the eaves, 3. Take up (far) less than 50% of the property's curtilage, 4. Be more than 2m away from any boundary...
  3. R

    Moving a radiator

    Dear Forum Members! I am researching options for moving a radiator to an adjacent wall (increasing the pipe run by about 190cm). The existing radiator has the following fitting: Here is how I imagine the process after watching some videos on Youtube :)))) · Identify the inflow hose...
  4. Techboy

    How to extend doorbell button cable?

    I'm going to fit a Ring doorbell, so need to extend the doorbell button cable that has previously been cut. There isn't much currently available... I have tried pulling it to see if it will extend a bit, but it won't. What's the best solution please? 20210630_134615 by Techboy posted 30 Jun...
  5. Maxlear

    extending IKEA dishwasher inlet hose

    HI there... I have bought IKEA dishwasher but the inlet hose is too short to reach my water supply under the sink. The inlet hose itself is built-in so there is no option to simply buy a new, longer one. How can I extend it please? Am I right to think I can buy male-to-male 3/4inch connector and...
  6. C

    How to extend a 5x3 shed concrete base to 6x4?

    Pretty self explanatory really. The old shed I assume has been there for decades (it looked old when I moved in 10 years ago) and is on a concrete base of 5x3 foot. I want to replace it with a new shed that is 6x4, but a quick Google search suggests it is not practical to extend a concrete base...
  7. A

    Extendable desk shelf

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I looked at the other categorises, but didn't really think the other categories would fit this. I'm looking to add an under-desk shelf to my desk. I looked into keyboard trays but they are only 200-280mm in depth, and I was looking to make one at least 450mm deep...
  8. J

    extending garage (with pic)

    Looking at purchasing a property and would like to widen the garage by around 1 metre which would come to the fence and brick up the front garage door (would possible add window), before going ahead with purchasing the property I'd like some advice on a rough estimate of doing this. I...