1. C

    Filling external cracks

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some advice on how best to fill these external cracks / gaps on the front of my 1950's Semi-Detached property. The first image shows cracks in the top corner of the concrete / cement (?) around the window. The second image shows a crack in the pebble dashing...
  2. aldg3108

    PVC / Timber door canopy painting

    I’m looking to paint our door canopy white. When we got the survey completed it was stated as PVC and timber. However I want to be sure to get the right paint and prepare the surface correctly. Can anyone provide some insight please?
  3. D

    Best External Wood Paint - Garden Building

    I have a garden building which is about 7 years old, its not really made of the most rot resistant wood so I have had to do a bit of maintenance. Last year I made a new window frame I quickly painted it with Cuprinol Garden shades, but the whole south side is looking very tired mainly because...
  4. L

    What type of exterior wall finish Is this?

    Hi, My exterior wall (south facing - London) is flaking considerably. So I've read that the flaky paint should be removed before a stabiliser is used and then repainted. I'm worried that I may need to render/pebble dash it again. Looking at these photos, is it a simple remove flaky paint...
  5. S

    Cedar slat fence - nail staining

    Hi there, Hope i've put this in the right category. I've just had some link removed western cedar slats put up in the corner of the garden. They have been nailed to a wooden frame. They have only been up a couple weeks and I have started noticing some black staining coming out of the...
  6. J

    New render on existing pebble dash painted Exterior walls. Help

    This may sound stupid but my exterior wall in pebble dash painted over the years looks old and wondering if this can be over covered with new render without removing the pebble dash as seem very strong and would be a mess to remove it first. Any experience tips advise would be highly appreciated.
  7. oursurveysaid

    Ply Underneath Aluminium Fascias

    I'm about to fit a couple of bespoke aluminium fascias to my extension, replacing the rotten plywood and timber mess left by the builder. My question is: what should I do to the new plywood I'll be installing, which will then be clad in the aluminium? Can it just be primed or sealed, or does it...
  8. safe

    Exterior PIR light with sensor & light in opposite directions?

    hi folks, I'm after some recommendations / advice. basically I'm looking to find out if what i 'm looking for actually exists! the front door to our house is on the side of the house so to reach our front door you effectively have to walk up a lane between ours & next door I'd like to fit...
  9. S

    Mock tudor beams removal

    Hi guys. Wondering if anyone can shed some thoughts on removing mock tudor beams? Surprisingly, there is very little info on this online and where forums threads have started, the responses are overwhelmingly based on 'don't do it! spruce it up!' its got character'. I have had some quotes but...
  10. B

    Typical Cost to Paint House

    I am looking to get my house exterior painted. Just looking for typical prices as I really have no idea. I live in a 3 bed end terrace.
  11. V

    Bathroom Basin Exterior Pipe Leaking

    Hi All Helping an elderly neighbour of mine. When she uses the handwash basin in the bathroom (1st floor, back of house), quite a bit of water is leaking out from the exterior pipe that runs into a drain. I haven't been able to get onto a ladder to get a closer look, just got a few pics from...
  12. robodelfy

    Painting house exterior, confused about prep advice!

    Hi, I'm planning to paint my house outside with masonry paint. It's a Victorian terraced house. I've read so much different information about how to prepare the outside and I'm not sure what's necessary in my situation. If you look at the photo you'll see it all looks in good condition...
  13. F

    Wood rot on outdoor window frame advice please!

    We recently found a large patch of wet rot on one of our outdoor frames, which has been looked at and we've been told the whole frame probably needs replacing because of where it is... so that's fine. We also found some smaller patches on our other window frames, of soft, flaky wood. These...
  14. G

    Advice for Mould in Exterior workshop

    Good afternoon everyone, First time poster, so hoping this goes well, I've recently bought my first property, which has a lovely breeze block built 4m x 6m workshop at the back of the garden. Unfortunately after this damp winter I'm noticing mould is appearing (Hopefully my pictures will...
  15. M

    Old Chestnut: Best Way to Apply Water Based Paint Over Oil Based?

    Yes, it's a well-discussed topic but after reading forums, articles and watching vids all over the place, I still can't find a satisfactory answer to this... Front door was painted with oil paint long ago, now there's almost no sheen left on it, it's quite chipped, a little cracked... I want to...
  16. C

    Narrowing exterior back door?

    Hi all, planning a new kitchen and wondering about narrowing the back door so as to fit larger units onto the adjacent wall. Current door is 2134 x 915mm, solid wood, framed in brick work. Its a big door for the size of the kitchen, would actually prefer it to be smaller so it swings out less...
  17. G

    Painting exterior render?

    Hello Looking for some advice on how to 'repaint' this patch. I'm not sure if it's a thick textured paint, or the render has a pattern put into it (I'm guessing thick textured paint). Any advice? Thanks Graham
  18. Z

    Help! Exterior tiling project on Marmox/plywood.Advice needed!

    Hi there, I am in real need of some advice please. Bit of a different project but ... Ive created a 12' by 8' mural on x3 wbp 18mm plywood boards. The perimeter of the mural (about 40cm depth) will be tiled with approx 4m squared childrens artwork on ceramic 100mx100mm tiles ( I know ceramic...
  19. R

    Outside lights only working in the rain

    Hi I'm hoping someone could help. I have a horse menage (school) with lighting issues. The school lighting only seem to work when it's rained but not when it's frosty or dry. I'm far from knowledgeable but this seems like a bad connection to me. I noticed that the earth wire and the clamps...