external door

  1. J

    ERA conservatory door catch stuck halfway

    The single large uPVC external door won’t close: the wedge shaped catch is jammed halfway and will not retract or move at all: and the spindle cannot shift it. I’m not talking about the multi-point locking system, just the normal open and shut with the handle movement – a single catch on the...
  2. S

    Decent cottage style external door

    (hopefully second time lucky posting this in the right forum...) Afternoon All, I'm looking for any recommendations for decent, but fairly plain cottage-style external doors. I've seen a couple in Tricoya from Leader: does anyone have experience with this product (or this supplier)? I realise...
  3. R

    Renovating an external door

    Hello DIYNot members! I would like to give the external door I have a new coat of paint, but I am not sure of what material it is made of: it looks like painted metal to me: What type of door could it be, and what paiting options are available for it? Thank you in advance!
  4. lxhrn

    Arched Doorway Repairs

    Just had a new door installed and an outside door in the arched doorway was removed. Not sure why people have 2 doors to be honest... As you can see from the photos the thin decorative bricks have been cut away to make way for the door which has since been removed and I would like to refurbish...
  5. SteveFranklin

    Door Frame advice

    Hi, I need to fit a new FLB external door to replace an old one. The door itself is easy enough to get as they are much the same from the same suppliers. Question is, which door frame do i need? https://www.expressdoorsdirect.co.uk/door-frames/external-door-frames I'm just after a simple door...
  6. J

    Replace external sliding door with internal bifold door conservatory. Can I ?

    I was wondering if is possible to replace an old sliding doors with an interior bifold between my extension and conservatory. What would be the minimum spec accepted by building control? Thanks
  7. A

    Bricking up an external door?

    Hi Folks, I could do with drawing in the general wisdom please. We are about to take on a full refurb of a semi and there is an external door in the kitchen that we would like to remove / brick up, to make better use of the space for the new kitchen. What are the restrictions on removing an...
  8. W

    St Helens Windows bodged brickwork & upvc door installation

    Hello everyone, just registered and have a big problem. I have a double glazing company remove a front door & brick up the opening, remove a window approx 9' x 6' and replace with a upvc door. Basically was swapping door over & getting rid of the window. Problem that was reported from day...