St Helens Windows bodged brickwork & upvc door installation

26 Jul 2017
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United Kingdom
Hello everyone, just registered and have a big problem.

I have a double glazing company remove a front door & brick up the opening, remove a window approx 9' x 6' and replace with a upvc door. Basically was swapping door over & getting rid of the window.

Problem that was reported from day one, the door was warped tried & failed to be resolved, TS & building control not interested so here I am now.

Had a quote for composite door but at present the wall rocks when door closed hard(not slammed) the door man said I would need it sorted before fitting door as they don't do this work.

The wall is on a large porch area 12 x 10 feet and the door is near the corner(should've been 18" further in but...

How would you suggest I make this stable? The door is about 6" higher than it should be. I was wandering if a frame of 50 x 50mm angle 3m x 1.5m @ 90 deg with a 50mm strap joining the ends to stop it opening sat on the 2 walls with 50mm strap on the inside bolted through be ok?

The outside would hidden by the facia boards and inside hidden by coving.

The frame would be welded with a bolt dropped through the flat bar as reinforcement.


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Sorry took so long, I took some pictures and showed them to 2 local builders. They've given me advice but wouldn't do the job as the cost in labour would cost nearly as much as knocking down & rebuilding. They've suggested drop ceiling to see what is tying walls to roof, then if one side isn't tied as suspected then take down inner thermal block wall and use angle ties along wall & roof joists.

Going to try this first before razing & rebuilding.
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No I haven't, but as he only needs about a dozen or so, 150 seems a tad excessive.
But as the vibrations from drilling into the walls may cause issues (unless he does them slowly) it could well be that the walls got to be supported by a strong boy, taken down,and then rebuilt with new wall ties or supports. We haven't seen any pictures of the wall, and I'm wondering if the walls large enough to support itself. I had an angument with a BCO, in that he wouldn't allow a single vertical row of concrete blocks, as he felt they were unstable. I had to put in a row and a half in the end, so I can see the point.
No I haven't, but as he only needs about a dozen or so, 150 seems a tad excessive.

You can buy them in 10's. I just watched the youtube video you posted but couldn't see a video about those other ones.

I could sell him 10 for £10 you see ;)
You enterprising little devil Ian. Send him a PM.

I could only get a written desription for those fitting, but it mentioneed needing a quick setting tool that needed a tourque setting screwdriver. Or did you find an easier trick.
Not yet, I ordered some with the tool and I'm hoping my Bosch cordless will have a suitable setting on it.
They should come today. I'll test them to destruction in the interests of science :)

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