1. S

    Advice for radiator pipework first fix

    Hi all, I'm hoping for a little advice regarding my self build. I am planning on fitting all of the radiator pipework myself but have not yet decided on whether I am having a combi boiler or a solar heated water tank for my hot water or even a combination of them both or something else...
  2. W

    Need help with Radiators cold at Bottom - not sludge

    Hi All Firstly a bit of background. We have an Intergas 28/24 boiler, factory settings bar the min rpm set to 25 not 30. We have just had an extension and we have added in new radiators across the house. We have gone from a 3 bed 1 bathroom to 4/5 bed (if you include the garage now an office)...
  3. R

    Is it worth moving pipework to fit mag filter on return?

    I have a combi boiler that has no mag filter and the heat exchanger is getting full of crap from the system, which is costing me money (about £130) to get cleaned every year. I had a couple of plumbers round, one said he could fit mag filter for £300, which I assume would be on the flow, since...
  4. R

    noob question about how water flows through a rad!

    i've recently balanced my system and learned a bit about inlet/outlet flow, TRVs and lockshields, but something is still bugging me. assuming a system is well balanced, and you're using the TRVs on a towel rail, if you set the TRV to 1 (therefore limiting flow) does this mean that the top rung...
  5. D

    Do the olives in rad trvs restrict the flow much when crimping them up?

    I have some 8mm tails that need extending to the rad. Would it be of any benefit if I continued them to the rad valves with 10mm?
  6. D

    Connecting new utility & toilet space to existing drainage??

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice / guidance on a project we are considering. We are considering putting a new utility and toilet space downstairs. In order to do this we would need to run the waste pipes backwards, circa 2 metres, to join the existing waste drainage which joining waste from...
  7. S

    New boiler and low flow rate

    Hi everyone, I've just moved house and one of the first things I am considering updating is the boiler. The current system is a Potterton Performa 28i combi which is pretty old although seems to be working reasonably well so far. I have been doing a bit of research looking at the different...
  8. J

    Perplexing plumbing puzzle - please pacify problem!

    I moved into a new build around 18 months ago, and I consider myself a competent DIYer. Before I ask the builder to come and look at my plumbing I wanted to get some opinion on an odd issue we've been having. Our showers don't get hot (we've got two of them). It was most noticeable (probably...
  9. M

    Help me deepen my system design skills + pipe sizing knowledge, Thanks!

    I would like to broaden my theoretical understanding by using an simplified example: There is a building containing one room with a floor surface of 40 m2 which needs exactly 2.8 kW’s to maintain its room temperature while outside temp is -10 celcius (The heat-loss of the house is 70 Watt / m2...
  10. K

    Vaillant EcoTec Plus 831 - Heating flow temp remains at 50 degs

    Hi, In an effort to raise temps to at least 20 degs in the home, I have increased the target flow from 75 to 80 degs with no success, and the actual "heating target flow temp" value remains at 50 degs. To give you an idea, from 11 degs it has taken so far 9 hours just to 15.5 degs. Have also...
  11. M

    Triton Opal 3 Electric shower fault

    Hi, Ive had the Triton Opal 3 Electric shower for about 4 years now. All been fine, but we have noticed that when the weather is warm and presumably the incoming water temperature is a bit warmer, the shower is too hot even with the control on minimum. By pressing the top button (2 red symbols...
  12. eveares

    Hot side flow rate on new mixer Bathroom tap reduces automatically when opened!?

    So I replaced my bathroom sink tap a couple of weeks ago due to my old one breaking. (The plastic square protruding part of the mixer cartridge on the old tap snapped, could not source a suitable replacement.) Got my new mono mixer tap from ScrewFix and since fitting it, I have noticed an odd...
  13. U

    combi boiler.no hot water but heating working fine!

    Really hope someone can help me in any capacity please.i have an iqe combi boiler.central heating is working fine but the problem is i cant get the hot water to come on.the temperatures on the boiler itself are correct aswell as the pressure. Also the hot water symbol on the boiler display...
  14. P

    Adjusting UFH Flow Meters

    Hi I have a Solfex UFH system installed by my builder but without any great knowledge (used Solfex design service..) It has three zones, one of which has two loops controlled by the same thermostat and actuators on the return manifold for control. Although the Solfex design defines the flow rate...
  15. B

    A combi-shower

    Hello all I've read lots of posts, the things that normally get asked I think I can say up front...so looking for an opinion on whether it will be worth installing a second shower in a new bathroom (which will become the primary shower - the electric one will be for the kids/backup). So - for...