1. T

    Alpha combi boiler - power flush or replace?

    Help me please! Moved into this house last year, it hasn't been looked after at all. Gas combi boiler (Alpha InTec 25XE) has always just about worked. It's only ever given us constantly hot water if the tap or shower is turned on to a very low pressure. Even half pressure and it'll run hot for...
  2. Jimbo-Winch

    Identifying a toilet flush system

    The toilet flush button (pictured with the flush system) has broken but I can’t find a matching replacement or a replacement flush system that matches the one I have. It has a bayonet fitting (pictured) which makes it extremely easy to remove/replace, hence I’m loathed to have to remove the...
  3. C

    Toilet not flushing

    Hi I have just moved into a new build house (it's 3 years old but we've just moved in). We've been in for a few weeks and we've had no problems, now the en-suite flush isnt working. The bowl looks to have less water than before; so maybe i just need to add more water!? See photo attached of...
  4. B

    Toilet Flush Handle really stiff and tightening?

    My Mum's toilet handle on the flush seems to be stiffening up? Toilet seems to flush fine, but its stiff to pull down, and hardly rises back into place (its the old style lever type on the cistern) Have included photos of the inside of the cistern. I watched some DIY videos, which said to...
  5. I

    Low-profile or Flush Door Handles for Deep Reveals

    I have a pair of doors which open back against deep reveals. Fully open, ordinary handles would prevent the doors laying flush against the reveals. In fact they would make the doors stand quite proud of the reveals. So, I need flush or low-profile (12, maybe 18mm) door handles on that side of...
  6. R

    Retrospective installation of stepped and raised dpm for flush patio

    Hi there, hoping someone can assist with this particular headache! We had an extension built (now 2 years ago) and are currently in process of adding a patio. The key design feature of the extension was to have a flush through floor in and out of the large patio sliding doors. Now we are half...
  7. S

    Weak toilet flush

    Hi all, I have a push button toilet which flushes weakly. Sometimes it takes 2 flushes to get material down the pipe. The water currently rises to 21.4 cm in the tank. Would anyone have a solution to this? Thanks.
  8. T

    Toilet seemingly impossible to repair... constant water running in to pan

    Hi, Our toilet is running water into the pan constantly. It seemed easy to fix: Remove the 'flush' and replace with a new one... So I bought a new flush ('universal fitting') but can not install it for the life of me. I've had to put the old one back and now it leaks worse! I can't fit it...
  9. B

    Geberit concealed flush panel identification and opening

    I'm trying to identify which Geberit flush panel this is: I think it is an Omega 20? If this is the case, I think I'm supposed to open it by pulling the right edge towards me, then sliding the whole thing left as per these instructions. But I don't want to break it, and it's not opening...
  10. S

    Screw Rod for Flush

    Hi, I stupidly flushed one of the screw rods for the flush button. I got in touch with Roca to ask what I would need to replace it. They said the full valve. https://www.bathroomspareparts.co.uk/roca-toilet-universal-dual-flush-valve---ah0004800r-32912-p.asp Can anyone suggest a...
  11. Dee_in_London

    Toilet Keeps Running - Need New Washer or Flush Unit Recommendation

    For the last few days our toilet has been running constantly I had a look and the washer that seals the outgoing water seems to be hard and brittle with pieces breaking off Can just this seal be ordered and if so what is it called and where can you order it from? or is it better to get an...
  12. S

    Best way of cleaning CH System

    Hi, I recently installed a new rad and was going to add some inhibitor in the system when I realised the water was very dirty with particles in it. Although everything seems to work ok, I want the system to be set up right to limit the possibility of issues in the future. The products I have...
  13. S

    How to fit Grohe wall hung toilet flush

    Hi I've got a Grohe wall hung toilet flush. Plasterers recently removed the wall plate for the flush and now that plastering is done I want to put it back on. The problem is I cannot work out how it goes together. Has anyone fitted on of these before? I think when you press the button it blows...
  14. B

    Flush casement uPVC / installation locally in Edinburgh

    Hi, I’m looking to replace domestic timber frames with flush PVC and looking for recommendations. I understand Cityglass can install Rehau (Rio) Edinburghglass seem to install veka (halo) Eurocell (modus) is also local but think I would need to find an installer myself. Anyone have...
  15. M

    Help installing Dudley Acclaim cistern

    I am fitting a new Dudley Acclaim cistern (LL 6/7/9L HP/LP B/V part no. PACWHS 315196) to an old pan and need the 9L flush. The syphon does not correspond exactly to either of those in the instructions. DudleyAcclaimSyphonInstructions by MikeAustin posted 19 Oct 2018 at 11:28 PM...
  16. E

    Overflow sorted, now won't flush

    Can anyone help. Recently had an overflowing toilet cistern, (2 days ago), the toilet was flushed and the cistern level kept rising, I tried lifting the float/valve (sorry, I don't know the correct name) but the water didn't stop gushing out of the outside overflow toilet pipe. I had to call a...
  17. S

    help with this toilet button replacement

    hi everyone a short while ago, our push button toilet flush started playing up a bit. it would get stuck down so the water was continuously flowing in to the pan. usually, lifting up the tank lid caused it to pop back out anyway, the button has finally completely broken, so i'm looking for a...
  18. R

    WC ball valve replacement

    Next topic! I'm getting on with stuff today. :) Toilet flush: The cistern never really gets full and the valve never fully switches off. I've poked around and it seems that the bit that the ball float pushes into to stop the cistern filling is sticking. What's that called? Inlet valve...
  19. S


    Hi. I have a 1960s house with a combi boiler fitted in 2009. Heating working well except for one rad which won't heat adequately. Patchy heat - along the top, some at one side. No air coming out when I bleed it. Am thinking sludge. I thought I'd loosen the hex blank at the other end to see what...