1. eveares

    Sourcing a 5500k LED down light with 90° beam angle.

    I have 5 of these (see below) in my bathroom with the 90° lenses, and one has now failed and needs replacing. I am having difficulty in finding a integrated fire rated LED down light that is both 90° beam angle and 5500K in colour...
  2. T

    How to change GU10 bulb (fitting stuck?)

    Not sure if this is a dumb question.. how do I remove the bulb from the pictured fitting? I think it should twist maybe but it seems completely solid. Thanks!
  3. C

    GU10 fitting stuck (resolved)

    I've replaced three GU10 fittings like the one below without issue. It's been as simple as grabbing one or two of the lugs and twisting anticlockwise. The inside white ring then twists about a centimetre and then falls out from the middle ring. The light blub with then fall down slightly, and...
  4. N

    R80 to GU10 downlighting conversion.

    I would like to convert our kitchen R80 downlighting to GU10. I understand Screwfix sell kits but I’m not sure which one to get. Also I would like some advice on how to remove the R80 housing, if indeed I do. The diameter is 180mm.
  5. L

    Fitting GU10 light bulbs into L1 sockets/fittings

    Just wanted to post a quick status on this since I couldn't find anything while googling. Basically, what happened was that I bought IKEA's smart bulbs with GU10 sockets, only to discover that they didn't fit in my ceiling socket even though they looked very alike. After discovering this...
  6. N

    Light fitting falls foul of regulations

    An electrician's told a colleague that they can't install a taro 5637 gu10 light fitting (tested 4/19/2016) because of new regulations. What new regulation have I missed?
  7. L

    Halogen to LED

    By all means I'm no electrician. I'm changing the spot lights in our house from halogen to LED. I have the GU10 fly leads (converters) but when I take down the old halogen leads and affix the new ones it doesn't work.... What am I doing wrong? It is literally just 2 small black wires L &N coming...
  8. N

    problem removing halogen gu5.3/gu10 lightbulb black plastic circle blocking it

    Hi, I am replacing halogen recessed lightbulb in bathroom of my apartment (no attic). I was able to remove metal retaining clip and coverglass but halogen lightbulb is blocked by black plastic ring and there is not enough room between bulb and fitting to remove it. I am not sure if bulb is gu5.3...