1. B

    Toilet Flush Handle really stiff and tightening?

    My Mum's toilet handle on the flush seems to be stiffening up? Toilet seems to flush fine, but its stiff to pull down, and hardly rises back into place (its the old style lever type on the cistern) Have included photos of the inside of the cistern. I watched some DIY videos, which said to...
  2. E

    Removing handle sliding door

    The handle on my sliding door is not working correctly and is slightly loose. I wanted to remove it to see if there was something obvious I could do, but I can't even get it off! There are no visible screws and I have no idea how to remove it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  3. Edward1456

    Can I use 7mm door spindle in a 8mm hole when fitting new knobs?

    Does it matter that the 7mm is a little bit loose in the hole? It's not so small that it turns/flips over within the hole. I'm just finding it impossible to find the correct width spindle for these doors. 8mm spindles were too tight. 7mm are a bit loose. The spindles that came with the...
  4. Buenaventura Durruti

    Machine Screw size for Mila Pro Secure door handle

    Hi, I have a mila prosecure door handle in brushed satin colour. I'm moving it to a different door and the screws supplied are too short so I need 2x 70mm or greater. Mila are no help they simply refer me to their partners who then say that they don't stock extra screws, Mila won't even tell me...
  5. Niallwhelan95

    Does anyone know if this Handle is fixable? Pics incl.

    Hi guys, Our backdoor patio (backdoor) handle has progressively been getting worse. anytime someone pulls in the door to close, the handle will come off (shown in one of the photos). All we can do right now is jiggle it back in. the door is either a double glazed or triple glazed glass panels...
  6. tim_1963

    frame mount window handles

    I have some cottage timber windows (Jedd Wenn or Magnet) where rather than having the handle clip into the window frame itself, there are plastic keeps (similar to the keep of a yale lock) that are screwed to the face of the frame that I need replacing - anyone know where I can get these or even...
  7. J

    Anyone recognise this ESPO bifold door handle?

    Looking for a replacement handle for this bifold door. The broken one is unmarked but some of the other hardware has an ESPO logo on it. Couldn't find much online :confused: Thanks :D
  8. B

    BiFold T Handle Not Popping

    hi there, One of the T Bar Handles on my bifold doors has randomly stopped popping out. I’ve tried googling but can’t seem to find any troubleshooting suggestions for this. I’ve double checked it’s not locked. Any other suggestions gratefully received!
  9. J

    How to remove this window handle

    Hi All, I have this very awkward window handle which doesnt seem to have any screws connecting it onto the frame (see below) Any ideas how i would take this off to replace???
  10. J

    Loose door handle

    Apologies for the stupid question but I have a door handle that's become loose and I'm unsure how I fix it. Picture of the handle below. You can see the angle the handle should be at on the other side - the part you hold with your hand has loosened and is sagging. Do I have to remove both...
  11. A

    Bathroom door handle loose, comes off

    Hello everyone, I have a door handle that just comes loose and falls off. I suspect there's some sort of small screw that's missing, perhaps in the small eyehole on the side? I've attached pics showing the handle on and off, and a pic of the exposed lock ... any idea what I should do here...
  12. H

    Replacing interior door handles

    Hi all - I have 11 interior doors and I want to change all the handles. My question is really about sizing - having shied away from all types of DIY I think I could do this one ;) but do I just simply order some from the Internet or do I have to be aware of sizing? For example, the ones I have...