1. S

    Pyronix Cloud / Home Control +

    Can anyone help me, I have installed my Euro46 v10 small hybrid setup myself, and also have Hikvision NVR CCTV at the same property which i installed myself 2 years ago. So now I am in the process of setting up the Euro46 v10 onto the HomeControl+ app on my android phone, but wanted to check...
  2. C

    Recommend a new hikvision system

    Look for some recommendations for upgrading my cctv I currently have a 4 camera hikvision system and am looking to upgrade to a new 8 channel NVR looking to use my 4 old cameras and add 4 new ones using. can anyone recommend an 8 channel NRV And 4 new cameras Possible one being a mini PTZ...
  3. Josh_Milner

    Hikvision not detecting camera

    Hi, I'm lost with this one now.. the camera was connected to test and see where best to drill, unplugged the camera, drilled the wall and attached the camera but when plugging back in it's not detecting the camera or saying unsupported; if left periodically on the screen it says detecting but...
  4. D

    Hikvision back-box conduit system

    Hi Guys and Girls, I've recently had a few dodgy characters looking around my property, so I'm adding a new turret camera to cover some more of my driveway. I want it to be at a low-level so I can easily pick-up faces of people entering in my property. (My current cameras give a great overview...
  5. 9

    Need advice on new HD IP CCTV install

    I'm putting together a CCTV system for my parents house from scratch. I've already installed a fair bit of CAT6 cable in the past and I'm able to wire that fairly well and terminate the ends as needed. The house is a typical detached 4 bedroom building and so I think 4 cameras should be more...
  6. Mechanical Mike

    Hikvision cable advice

    Hi, I've just bought a hikvision kit, 4 cameras and a recorder. The cameras have a port for an ethernet cable and a short flying lead for the dc supply. I wanted to have all 4 cameras, their power cables and ethernet cables going to one location where the recorder is. The longest run is about...