ideal boiler

  1. Chrissyy

    Hive Mini Ideal Vogue Boiler

    Hello, first post so be nice. This has probably been posted a million times before but I cannot find what I'm looking for. I have got a Ideal Vogue C26 Gen2 boiler and just purchased a Hive mini thermostat. I have seen a post with the wiring and videos on YouTube however when I have...
  2. C

    Ideal combi 30 hive (sorry)

    Sorry as I’m sure you have seen 100 of these. But from looking at the past posts it’s wired up right so I’m at a loss here. It’s all running fine apart from the fact it won’t fire up. It’s also a single channel any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. B

    Ideal mini c30 Boiler

    Hello. First time posting and looking for some advice please. Had our Ideal boiler serviced. The engineer said the co & co2 readings were high and that it needed a new burner seal and a strip down service. So burner seal replaced and strip down service was done. It indeed brought the readings...
  4. C

    Ideal vogue max 32 22mm in pipe

    Hi I have just had a Ideal Vogue 32 boiler and the main gas pipe in is 22mm. There is then a branching 15mm pipe going off the 22mm and into the boiler. Is this legal as I thought all in pipes had to be 22mm? Thanks
  5. C

    Microbore copper and new boiler

    We had a new boiler (ideal Max 24) installed in April. Long story short, house is 20 years old and pipes are microbore copper 8mm. We have no heating or hotwater. New boiler has never worked great. Had power flush, new pump, new divertor and ideal engineer to make sure boiler was not faulty...
  6. S

    Compatible timer with Ideal Logic Max C24 Combi?

    Looking for advise on compatible "plug and play" RF timer thermostat to go with Ideal Logic Max C24 Combi. Not looking for anything fancy as for a rental and obviously price dependent but struggling to find compatible options that don't require wiring in. Not bothered about mobile phone...
  7. M

    Ideal H15 F2 fault caused by condensate flue collector.

    Since moving into our new home, with a 3 year old Ideal H15 boiler, around changes in the weather our boiler always seems to fault an F2. In Feb when we had frost and snow our boiler made gurgling noises before packing up, and the boiler man came cleaned it up and blew a pipe to clean out the...
  8. J

    Ideal c35 FU fault

    Evening, I am posting here in the hope that someone with knowledge of this particular fault may be able to help me. Having moved in to a new build 3 years ago our ideal c35 boiler has started to display a fault and in turn prevented us from having any hot water. In fact this started almost a...
  9. W

    Hive vs Logic 30+

    Hi, I have checked all posts on this forum, and I could not find anyone in the same situation as me. Hive model: Dual Channel Hive Wiring: Never changed, just kept switching boilers Why dual: Long time ago this was the only model available. I do not use and I'm not planning to use water...
  10. Szemko

    Ideal Logic Combi 35+ Hive Install Help

    Hi Guys. I have seen few posts on here and other places but could not fit one to my system . The house doesnt currently have any thermostat or heating control system connected , so its a fresh instal of a Hive Receiver which I have purchased and althought I have some DIY experience and this...
  11. R

    Ideal classic ff250 overheating after switching off.

    Hi all I have an ideal classic ff250 which has been intermittently switching off by way of overheat stat popping out over the last 6 months or so. I've now come to realise it seems to only happens after the boiler has turned off (due to reaching correct temperature on room thermostat or water...
  12. mctrials23

    Boiler cycling every few seconds - gas engineer diagnosis?

    Hi, We have an ideal classic se15ff boiler which I belive is quite old now. How old I have no idea because it was in the house long before we were. We had noticed that it was constantly cycling on and off every 10s or so and have just had a gas engineer in to have a look. He said that its...
  13. J

    Hive to Ideal Logic+ Combi 24

    Hey there, Wondering if someone could give me a hand with wiring up a Hive to my combi boiler. The current wiring looks like this, boiler wires on the left and power and thermostat on the right. Its all just wired into a big connector. The boiler has 2 black wires rather than a black and grey so...
  14. A

    Ideal Classic NF40 Boiler

    Hi I need a couple of parts for this boiler or I need a new boiler. Can anybody help? I need: (1) the flue assembly (2) the collector hood assembly 075243 It would be great if you have either of these or know where I can get them. Thanks.