1. bettz1

    Washing machine lost power (Indesit iwme147)

    Hi all, today we woke up went to put a wash on so flicked the switch and nothing, no lights, panic set in as I last used it sunday with no issues. Take the door off and remove the plinth I lifted the machine a tiny bit and then we had flashing lights,now it's all good working fine? (well it's...
  2. T

    Indesit IDV75 Tumble Dryer Tripped Electrics - Burning Smell

    hi all, yesterday eve our IDV75 tumble dryer tripped the electrics. when I opened it there was a strong smell of [electrical?] burning so I turned off the plug and left the consumer unit switch off (it's on a separate circuit in the garage). when I tested this morning it seemed to be working...
  3. S

    Indesit Washing Machine Violent Spin Cycle

    Hi all We have an integrated Indesit washer/dryer which seems to have a major issue during the spin cycle. It is basically in new condition although we've owned it for some time. We've never been able to use it because when it gets to the fast spin, the whole machine becomes really unbalanced...
  4. 1974darrenh

    Indesit fridge/freezer very annoying chirp

    Just moved into a flat which unfortunately has an open plan kitchen/living room. We bought an Indesit fridge freezer but all it does is make an annoying noise and drives us crazy trying to watch TV. I have removed the cooling fan and it made no difference, removed the plastic panel at the back...
  5. Image


    Indesit fridge light problem
  6. C

    Indesit washing machine drum jammed

    Hello everyone, I have an Indesit IWME127 integrated washing machine that’s only just over two years old. The drum became very stiff to turn, and makes a loud metallic scraping noise when you try to do so by hand. I have watched various videos on this and it seems that, in order of...
  7. C

    IDS 105 UK wash and end lights flashing

    Hi, I assume these are lights 1 and 3, however that doesn't give anything on their website: After starting a program, the washer drains, fills, then immediately after the filling sound stops, the error lights flash and the washer...
  8. ja12345

    Indesit Washer won't start washing, stays in wash cycle for whole timer

    We have an Indesit washer/dryer IWDE71255 probably about 8 years old that has started not doing anything on the wash cycle. Water comes in to the detergent draw but then the wash doesn't start and the machine keeps the icon that says its in the wash cycle forever. When it reaches the end of the...
  9. N

    Indesit IDV65 drum struggling to turn.

    Hi all. Following on from my washing machine fix (Beko carbon brushes) the Indesit IDV65 tumble dryer is struggling to turn (certainly on higher loads). I've actually just changed the heating element and thermostat as the old one was on the way out, but conscious that since I swapped this last...
  10. C

    Indesit washer dryer smelly

    Hi! I was wondering if someone knows what to do with an indesit washer dryer that is driving me nuts. The machine is in a small cupboard, and every time I open the cupboard door, my bedroom is inundated with a very strong "soapy" smell. It smells like soap scum. I've already ran about 7 cycles...
  11. S

    Indesit DIF04 dishwasher: no water circulation

    Hi -I've had this machine for well over six years, and the only issues have been heater replacements, which I've found relatively easy to fix myself. (I know - maybe I've been exceptionally lucky) Now, however, there's no water circulating. On start, I can hear the water entering the machine...
  12. P

    Indesit IWDC 6125 Washer-Dryer. Drying issues

    Hi. I have just bought this washer-dryer and when using the dryer it produces a banging sound. Upon examination, the machine is taking in water intermittently. Surely this isn't right whilst drying! Any suggestions appreciated before I look to return it. Thanks in advance.
  13. N

    Indesit IDV65 belt replacement...front panel/screws headache!

    Hi all. I'm attempting to replace a belt in my Indesit IDV65 tumble dryer (and also the bearing - possibly related to the belt snapping as I replaced the original bearing a year or so ago). I've taken it apart to double check it was the belt (it was - snapped) but also for a trial run so when I...
  14. andyr123

    why dont the Drum Lifters / Paddles go all the way front to back of drums on Indesit/Hotpoint ?

    I have a Hotpoint 8KG and an Indesit 9KG washing machine - both share same type and physical size of drum and lifters/paddles. Just wondering why the paddles dont stretch all the way from front to back of the drum. They come about 3/4 a way to front of the drum/door only and stop short. - Does...
  15. B

    Indesit washing machine XW 71252

    Hi everybody, We have a washing machine INDESIT (perhaps with another brand in other countries), model XW A 71252 W EU. During 30 months it has gone right, but two monts ago, after 30 minutes running on whatever washing program, it stops with all LEDs flashing. We did a complete reset. Then...
  16. B

    Indesit Washing Machine, Metallic Rattling Noise

    When the machine is on spin cycle, there's a light metallic rattling coming from behind the front panel, about 150mm to 200mm up from the bottom right hand corner (as you face the front). I can also make the noise appear if I shake the drum slightly (when the machine is switched off and empty)...
  17. F

    My indesit W123 keeps filling with wather when turned on

    I think whatever tells it there's enough water stopped working. The washing cycles seem to be working fine. I tried resetting the washing mashine. That didn't fix anything. Water doesn't overflow, I think the the draining cycle stops that from happening. If I switch the power off, the water...
  18. E

    Indesit WIDL146 - Fourth service light flashing

    Hi everyone :) been a while, hope you're all doing well! This wash machine won't start the program and just lets water in and then pumps it out, while showing the following message. The fourth LED from the left is flashing slowly while the door lock LED (technically 5th LED) is flashing much...
  19. Nadia77

    Indesit trouble!!!

    I have an Indesit condenser dryer and it is taking nearly a full day to dry a load! I am not overloading the dryer. All filters are cleaned and the water tray is emptied before each load, there is heat also. Just don't understand why it is taking so long to dry a load. Any help is appreciated