1. C

    Underfloor heating inhibitor.

    We have a Daikin Air Source heat pump feeding our hot water and under-floor 8 port manifold heating system. The Daikin has just had its annual service and the engineer commented that the water looked discoloured and that the inhibitor needed replacing?? Is this an easy procedure? I'm pretty...
  2. R

    How to add inhibitor without draining system

    I've just finished fitting some new pipework on my central heating but didn't add any inhibitor. I don't want to drain down again ideally, Can this be added to the expansion tank in the loft, or is there another way?
  3. F

    Automatic Air Vent Locations

    Hi, I have a new Grant Combi heating system in my bungalow. The 28mm flow and return pipework enter the loft region and splits into two 22mm heating circuits one for each half of the bungalow. The 22mm pipework is insulated and sits directionly onto the joists and where a radiator is needed I...
  4. J

    Help with combi boiler and UFH

    Hi thanks in advance, I feel cheeky getting free advice! I moved into a new build that was supplied with a Fiamma electric combi boiler from and a wet 3-zone underfloor heating system by ambiente. Most of the flats have had problems with seized...
  5. A

    Adding Fernox Protector F1 mixing up

    Hello Gents, I need to add some inhibitor to the boiler so I have got some Fernox F1 My question is can this be added to a system with other additives already in the system? The additive already in the system is Sentinel Leak Sealer will this be OK to do? thanks
  6. I

    Reality of not using cleaner after installing new radiators in a clean system

    Regarding: Clean sealed central heating system, powerflushed and inhibitor added a few years ago and system water still remains clear as tap water. Question: After cleanly installing a few brand new radiators with no flux, in reality is cleaner really required before fully flushing the system...
  7. S

    REplace combicare scale inhibitor cartridge

    Hi all, how do you replace this beast? is it a simple swap? do I need to do anything complex like bleed pipes etc? thanks. pic attached
  8. T

    Magnaclean Pro2 tips

    Hello again, after seeing my previous thread about the boiler leak was closed, issue which by the way was resolved after my gas engineer replaced both the diverter block and the actuator, it didn't make sense to replace just a cartridge inside the diverter block as it was all covered in rust and...
  9. S

    Empty central heating for 6 months.

    Hi all, About to start some major renovations of the bathroom. This will require the removal of the boiler and likely not be a new one installed for about 6 months. (new extension) If i drain down the system and just leave all the rads empty will they it be ok when the new boiler goes on? I...
  10. eveares

    How long can you leave a clean CH System without inhibitor in it?

    So I am having one of my rooms tanked and re-plastered as it has had severe damp issues. Well about two weeks ago I fitted a SpiroTech MB3 Magnetic filter to my boiler (Vaillant EcoTec Plus 937) along with chemically cleaning the system followed by draining, refilling and then adding inhibitor...
  11. eveares

    Update: Magnetic central heating filter worth it or just flush system with Sentinel X800?

    Been doing minor work to my Central heating system consisting of replacing one single radiator for a double one (same width and height) along with refitting a another poorly fitted radiator which brackets were loose and wonky. When I drained the radiators, small black particles came out what...
  12. A

    central heating F&E tank white gunk

    hi there, i am new to this forum and can someone please help me with an issue i am facing with my CH system? basically, i cleaned the system with X800 and left it in for a week after we had our radiators replaced with new ones about 2 months ago. i then refilled and drained the system three...