1. A

    Is this Asbestos loose fill insulation?

    Due to expensive heating costs I decided to upgrade our loft insulation, its only half way through that I was made aware by a random google article about asbestos loft insulation. Now Im concerned it could be loose fill asbestos insulation. It's yellow and fluffy, see photo attached. Our home...
  2. W

    What's the regulation pipe insulation in an unheated loft space?

    As in the title - What's the required insulation under building regs for heating pipes in the unheated loft space within a residential building? I can't seem to find any clear-cut answers.
  3. M

    Insulating Wallpaper

    I want to put up insulating wallpaper on a staircase. I want it to not dent too easily and be easy to put up. What would you recommend?
  4. R

    How to raise level of loft boards?

    So I want to add insulation and then board over it - the joists are already 170mm deep so I only need another 100mm insulation. There’s not much headspace and loft legs are too long. I was thinking of running some timber around 125mm x 45mm across the existing joists which are 170mm x 45mm, so...
  5. L

    Roof repair and loft insulation

    Hi, I am struggling to understand my roofing contractor's quote and reasoning behind some of the work. The roof on our rear extension (extended by previous owner) is missing the edges in the bottom corners and it slipped over the years. We need to replace the old skylights, so we want to...
  6. C

    Insulating suspended timber floor ‐ do i need to do the lot?

    So, I'm looking at insulating my floors. 1980's Bungalow, suspended timber floor. Cost is a bit of an issue at the moment, and I'm wondering if there's any reason not to do the primary living areas first (Bedroom and Living room), then revisiting next year to install insulation under the floor...
  7. K

    Insulation of ginnel ceiling/floor.

    Hi. Hope you are all well. Got a problem and can’t stop thinking about it, so would like to pick your brains! I’m laying tiles in bathroom which is just above ginnel. Before overboarding realised the whole thing is uninsulated so air from outside can easily make its way straight under the...
  8. A

    Vaulted Ceiling Insulation and downlights

    I'm hoping someone can shed some clear light on this topic. Theres lots of discussion online but seems to be very much a grey area with no clear answer. We've had approval to build a new ensuite in the master bedroom. Part of the ceiling is sloped/vaulted with no insulation. As part of the...
  9. J

    Perfecting a floating floor

    Hi, Keen not to cowboy this part of my build so looking for some advice. Seems impossible to find anything on school of youtube but maybe i'm using the wrong terms. Room is small, so 2.1m x 4m. Will be used as an office/gaming room. Desk and a sofa will be the heavy furniture. Floor...
  10. R

    Insulating Shed - To Air Gap or not

    Hi all, Just in the process of constructing a new pre-fabbed shed. Planning to store some tools and a few other bits in there so want to make sure it's insulated. At the moment the shed has 40mm studs. I've picked up some Thermal foil insulation (acts as a vapor barrier), and was also planning...
  11. J

    Final check before ordering - garage conversion

    Hi all, Had loads of really useful help on here, special thanks to Woody on that front. Just wanted to list out everything i'm getting before putting quite an expensive order in (that I can't afford to get wrong). Plus it may help someone seeing this level of detail. I've spoke to building...
  12. G

    Rigid foam vs. wool insulation

    Just looking for some advice on insulation. My gut feeling is that wool would be better than rigid foam when insulating a tight space as the foam would have to be cut to size and any gaps would severely compromise its insulating properties. Is this right or am I missing something? Just wondering...
  13. B

    Internal Insulation Wall Treatment

    Hello I was going to put some insulation on my internal wall of my bathroom before I fix the mermaid board to the batons. I was just thinking do I need to seal the wall with PVA glue? Also do I need a plastic sheet between my wall and the insulation to stop moisture getting through? The wall is...
  14. W

    Loft Insulation Material

    Hi there, We've just moved house and I'm about to sort loft insulation in the property (it's between the joists but not across - and certainly not up to the 270mm we want to aim for). A couple of questions if that's ok: 1. Any suggestions on which type of loft insulation? We are looking at...
  15. eveares

    0.13M ohm between CPC and Neutral!?

    Hi all, woke up this morning to a buzzing and crackling sound coming from one of the sockets in my bedroom when I turned it on, which also caused the lights to flicker at the same time, what is the 2nd socket inline on the 20A radial socket circuit. Stuff was not working/powering up on this...
  16. P

    Single skin detached garage insulation & flooring

    I'd like to insulate my (concrete) garage floor. It's single skinned so I will seal the concrete (1st coat sealant, 2nd coat sealant + SBR). I will then use tanking slurry on the walls (1st coat slurry + SBR, 2nd coat just slurry). I expect a little slurry left over so I will use that to re-coat...
  17. L

    Polystyrene wall

    Hi all we have this wall in our house which seems to be covered in a polystyrene foam. Any idea why it would have been added? Seems to have been picked apart for some time and seems very easy to remove, but no signs of damp so wonder why it would have been added?! Insulation or to cover...
  18. M

    Most effective insulation under carpet – above suspended vented wooden floor

    My living room is on ground floor. It has a suspended wooden floor over a large vented cavity (several feet deep). It gets pretty cold in winter. I want to get carpet in this room; both for comfort and to increase the warmth/insulation in the colder months. I’m aware that doing under-floor...
  19. B

    Water underfloor heating - 1970s bungalow, insulation under concrete

    Hi, I need some advice on what wet UFH system to get for our renovation of a 1970s 3 bed bungalow. The house had subsidence so in the process of fixing that the floors were dug up and replaced with the following construction: hardcore base, membrane, 150mm insulation, concrete finish. We're left...
  20. F

    How do I stop a cold RSJ rotting my joists?

    Hi, we're doing up a stone house, and have lots of vapour-related potential problems. Today's problem: we have an RSJ across a room, both ends in external stone walls, supporting the first floor joists. We're installing internal insulation (stud etc.) on all external walls, so the RSJ is a cold...