intruder alarm

  1. T

    Texecom Veritas Excel HELP

    Hi everyone. I have had a Veritas Excel for around 8 months now. Ever since installation it has been nothing but trouble. It's not the installers fault, just the system. Alot of the time to begin with in the evenings it would trip randomly and on the event log would state RKP OFFLINE and a...
  2. J

    Pyronix delta bell. Strobing but no sound?

    Hi all, Can someone help me. I have installed a new Pyronix enforcer 32 and a delta bell siren. The existing wiring was already in the walls. I’ve wired up as followed: Backlight Disable >>>> not used T >>>> Com on main panel T >>>> 0v on bell with 2k2 resistor Eng. Hold >>>> Not used Bell...
  3. A

    Texecom 64W Live

    Hi all, I’ve just installed a texecom 64W Live, (main panel is in the garage) and wireless keypads have been fitted in the main house and out house. I’m struggling with the signal from the outhouse which is about approx 15-20meters from the main house. Is there any specific signalling booster or...
  4. eveares

    Pyronix Enforcer v10 - Wi-Fi and GPRS at same time?

    With the Pyronix Enforcer WE v10 panel, I know it comes with Wi-Fi built in as standard, but if you get the GPRS SIM module, does it replace the "built in" Wi-Fi module or is it in addition to it? I.e. can you install the GPRS module in addition to what it comes with OR would you need the v11...
  5. alarmbenjy

    Repeated False Alarms (Wired System)

    System log:- 205) SET PRGRAM 21:35:57 206) ENTRY START 13:11:46 Zone 1 207) ENTRY TIMEOUT 13:12:15 Zone 1 208) INTRUDER 13:12:51 Zone 1 209) INTRUDER 13:13:05 Zone 1 210) INTRUDER 13:13:07 Zone 1 211) INTRUDER 13:14:21 Zone 1 212) INTRUDER 13:14:27 Zone 1 213) INTRUDER 13:14:34 Zone 1 214)...
  6. Y

    Pyronix Enforcer v EURO 46 v HKC - help please

    Hi Everyone, Looking for a pro alarm install with self monitoring and optional annual maintenance contract to replace an existing alarm. But the choice is not easy. Quotes provided offer three options: 1. Pyronix Enforcer 2. Pyronix Euro46 3. HKC 10270 My requirement: Wireless: - 2 Door...
  7. R

    Texecom 'Zone Doubling'

    Hi all.. I recently bought a Texecom Premier Elite 64W. I have 4 core cabling in certain areas throughout the house for the pir sensors and then various other places such as the garage but since have had an outbuilding built and new doors which i wanted to add some wireless detectors to hence...
  8. Angie S

    Premia 9 Help!

    Our Premia 9 burglar alarm is around 20 years old. We’ve just been woken up by the control panel beeping loudly and displaying battery fault error code- BF. Managed to silence it by pressing reset repeatedly but worried this will happen again overnight. Does anyone have the alarm user manual? Or...
  9. eveares

    Pyronix Enforcer Panel - SMS call Fail

    The other day for the first time in 4 years, my Pyronix Enforcer Home Control+ panel started beeping and went into a fault condition for the first time under a normal idle state. The error what I believe caused the "fault condition" was a "SMS call Fail" event, although not sure why it...
  10. D

    scantronic panel panel reset

    Have a scantronic panel (white panel with 2 screws at the top) with a keypad (929) photo attached. I need to know how to reset it as I cant remember the passcode to do anything with it. Tried earlier and the alarm went off so had to disconnect the sounder. Anyone able to help ?